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Don't Change German Immigration Laws

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Don’t Change Immigration Laws Millions of Islamic refugees are flooding into Germany everyday in fear of what might happen to them if they stay in their war stricken countries. Many citizens of Germany are pleading for Germany’s government to make it harder for these Muslims to get into the country. Germany should keep their immigration policies the same because, it will save lives, and it will increase their diversity, and create a new work force for German businesses. Many of these refugees are fleeing from Syria and countries around it because of the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This group is murdering and slaughtering innocent people. There have been several massacres and be-headings to make political statements. The people from these countries are trying to find a safer place and more stable country. So thousands a day are immigrating to European countries, primarily Germany. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also been ordering bombings in Syria around the city of Aleppo. In an article the Spiegel staff says, “They used to get around 10 serious injuries per day, but that number has now risen to 50, says Hamza, adding that most of their time is spent sorting body parts so they can turn them over to family members for burial” (Spiegel). Even children are being killed on the way to school, their bodies being delivered to their distraught parents. With this in mind Germany and other European countries don’t need to stricken their immigration laws. These refugees need somewhere to go and somewhere to start a new life. With all these Muslim immigrants, the social and religious diversity of Germany and other European countries is changing dramatically. In 2006, policy makers in Germany decided to create the German Islam Conference to encourage operations between the German state and Muslims. In 2010 the Council for Science and Humanities in Germany suggested that Islamic theology should be taught in German universities. More and more Muslims are embracing their Islam heritage by creating magazines and translating the Quran to German. Lewis Gropp, a writer for The Daily Star states, “Across the country, young German Muslims are defining how Islam is already part of Germany and how it can continue to be in the future” (Gropp). Young Muslims in Germany are taking charge in their communities, doing community work and volunteer programs. The Islamic community integrating into Germanys society so well is another reason Germany should not change their policies for immigration. Although most Muslims are integrating well into Germany, many Germans think the refugees are a danger. These Germans are holding protests and anti-Islamic rallies around the country, demanding stricter immigration laws. But these rallies and protests are making business owners nervous because some of them rely on the skilled Muslim immigrants for workers. If Germany makes immigration laws stricter they fear they’ll lose their workers. Some of the refugees coming into Germany have skills that could allow Germany’s workforce and economy to grow. Germany depended heavily on low skilled Muslims in the past to rebuild the country after World War II. Now with these new immigrants Germany could expand their low skilled job force while stimulating the economy. In an article Azcentral declares, “You can't walk anywhere in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin without seeing the influence of the city's large Turkish and Muslim populations” (Azcentral). Many new restaurants and food chains will open catching the eyes of locals. These new foods will draw in people and will add to the economies growth. The foreign foods would bring a new diverse setting for people visiting and people already living in Germany. Germany does not need to make their immigration laws stricter. These refugees need somewhere to go to get away from the war and terror in their home countries. Not making immigration laws stricter will make Germany more diverse, it will bring in a new work force, and it will save innocent lives. So when asked your stance on German immigration laws, remember all the families and children who are being viciously murdered in their homes.

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