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Donate City Harvest for a Great Cause

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Donate City Harvest for a Great Cause
• Myself: Twenty years ago I was new to America, a strange Country and unfamiliar culture but with a lot of opportunities. I left my native country in search of liberty and for a better future. When I got here my life was full of challenges, I didn’t want to give up on these challenges and instead wanted to face them. Day to day I coped with several challenges in my life, I also motivated myself to do something for this society and for the people of this community.
• The Community Serving Activities: I began as a donator, every year I donated some money to Red Cross and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and as a result of this, I got One Platinum Supporter 2010 Award from Cancer Center. But I also wanted to participate physically in volunteer work. For this purpose, first I joined Elmhurst Hospital as volunteer and worked there a little while.
• General Purpose: In fact, I enjoy the feeling of being able to help others without expecting anything in return. I think if we are in a position to provide others with comfort or support—who are weak or less fortunate then we must do something for them. I am enthusiastic about being an active person of this society and take responsibility trying to help improve others lives.
• Exclusive Purpose: A few months ago, I joined the City Harvest as a volunteer and now spend my free time serving others through this nonprofit organization.
City Harvest:
• History: The City Harvest was established in 1982. Necessity is the mother of invention. This idiom is perfectly applied on the creation of this organization. According to the website of City Harvest, [1] early in the 1980s, a group of ordinary citizens became troubled by the large number of fellow New Yorkers who didn't have enough to eat. When they saw that local restaurants were discarding perfectly good food, these volunteers responded by enlisting friends and borrowing cars to transport the leftover food to where it was needed most. This idea led to the creation of City Harvest.
• Mission: The mission of City Harvest is to put an end the hunger in the communities all over the New York City. They do this by food rescue and distribution to the most needing people as well as use innovative solutions for the collaboration generous people in one platform to fight in ending the hunger in our society. According to the website of Wikipedia, [2]In this year, City Harvest will collect 42 million pounds of excess food from all segments of the food industry, including restaurants, grocers, corporate cafeterias, manufacturers, and farms. Picking up and delivering food the same day keeps costs down and allows them to focus on fresh, perishable foods that are often in short supply at soup kitchens and food pantries. Currently, the cost to deliver a pound of food is just 24 cents, making City Harvest a smart, simple solution to ending hunger in New York City.
• Achievements: The achievement of City Harvest is crystal clear. This non-profit organization is the world's first food rescue organization, dedicated to feeding the city's hungry men, women, and children for over 30 years. City Harvest's common-sense, cost-effective approach remains unchanged, because by working efficiently they can help the greatest number of people possible. Each year this organization helps to feed more than one million people that face hunger. [1]
• Conclusion: I believe that everyone agrees on this statement that doing something good for someone else will make the world a better place overall. Just think about it that donating to City Harvest mean many more people who before couldn’t feed very well now they can. As everyone knows that hunger is the underpinning of various crimes in any society. This means your contribution toward the City Harvest make a better world for all of us. So please donate City Harvest.
• Methods of Donation: All information about physical or monetary donation is available on the website of City Harvest, Or a traditional method of donating is to write down the check in name of City Harvest and mail it on this address: 575 8th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018. You can also donate by calling this Phone number (917) 351-8700. Please donate generously.

Visual Aids City Harvest Truck stepping up to feed New York
Food Rescue Facility!
Dry Goods: According to City Harvest website, 18,200 square foot dry goods area that can hold up to 1,500 pallets of nonperishable food. Freezer: 4,000 Sq. Ft. freezer that can hold up to 380 pallets of chicken, turkey, frozen meals and more.

[1] City Harvest Organization retrieved date 7/21/12
[2] City Harvest retrieved date 7/21/12…...

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