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Disciplinary Procedure

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The office has received a report from your immediate supervisor that you have developed a habit of not reporting for work without authority from your supervisors. This is an act of serious misconduct which can result from you being dismissed from work. Be reminded that according to M.P.S.R CAP 1:201 a civil servant is guilty of misconduct if he absents himself from his post during normal hours of attendance without permission from a responsible officer or controlling officer or without valid excuse.
You may also wish to know that absenting yourself from duty for 5 consecutive days amounts to abscondment. Further to that MPSR CAP 1:550 gives powers to responsible officer to deduct equivalent salary from wages due and payable to a civil servant in respect of any period of un authorized absence.
In view of the above you are being strongly warned to stop the practice and as a corrective measure your salary will be deducted for all days you have been absenting yourself to report back at the office with immediate effect and write a report explaining your unauthorized absence failing which above stated disciplinary measures will be taken and matter will be reported to the Ministry for further Disciplinary Action.
Your report should reach into my office by tomorrow 17th December, 2014, before 4:30pm.


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