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Pay per view

Individuals • Have to pay • Could be expensive • Can watch individual events without full subscription • Could watch some programs at any time

TV companies • Get money from customers • Could lose money on subscription channels if people only getting what they want to watch

Broadcasters • It could be expensive for them to make pay per view available • Security costs to make sure there is no hacking • High bandwidth required (watch at any start time)

Signal contains information about the transmission
Program details, cast, start – end times

Electronic program guide (EPG)
What’s on now, next later...?
Personal planner
Record to disk (sky+)

Interact with transmission
Different camera views or commentary on sports events
Voting during programmers (X-Factor)

Programmes on demand
Watch programs at a convenient time
Different start times for movies
Choice of matches

Shopping channels and online store catalogues
Dixons, Argos
Multimedia display of products

Make purchases directly and interactively
Order pizza from a commercial (interactive advertising)
Book movie tickets during film review programs

Take part in games with other online viewers

Internet access

Send emails via telephone line or cable
Whilst watching TV without having to use PC


Individuals • Participation • Premium rate numbers expensive

TV companies • Revenue • Could fake vote

Broadcasters • It could be expensive for them to make interactive feature available

Game show participation

Individuals • Participation • interesting

TV companies • Revenue for advertisers if the show is popular • Feedback facility expensive

Broadcasters • It could be expensive for them to make interactive feature available

Feedback comments to TV Studio

Individuals • Phone numbers expensive • Share opinion • Lots of feedback – not all included

TV companies • Moderate messages • Lots of comments • Can include variety of opinions – not bias

Broadcasters • It could be expensive for them to make interactive feature available

Choosing camera angles

Individuals • Choice • May miss something from different angle

TV companies • Cost of multiple camera operators • More revenue if more people subscribe - popular

Broadcasters • More bandwidth required – higher cost – adverts at the same time on all channels…...

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