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History 2/6/15

1. The Chinese immigration increased exponentially between the 1850’s and the 1870’s. They were migrating to America at the seaports of New York Philadelphia and Boston. Some were coming through a smaller port in San Francisco. Many of the Chinese came as contract laborers to help build the transcontinental railroad. Some others came for the Gold Rush in California that started at about 1849. The migration was stopped with the Chinese Exclusion act in 1882.

2. After the annexation of parts of Mexico in the year 1848, the Mexicans already living in the U.S. became citizens. They were told that they would be able to keep their land, many of them lost it in state and federal courts. The Mexican culture in California was mistreated by the Anglo miners similar to the way the African Americans were with the Jim Crow laws.

3. The Native Americans were treated the worst during this period of advance in America. When industrialization moved to the West, America began to make treaties with the Indians to make roads and railways in their land. The Indians held up to this, but America didn’t hold up on their end of the deal. When the demand for business and the gold rush came about in the west, Americans began to move in mass numbers to the west. They then told the Indians that they would move them to smaller reservations, and still pay them money, food, etc. for compensation. Once again the Americans lied because when the demand for resources grew, the reservation lands became smaller and smaller. Whenever the Indians resisted to this wrongful act, the government took military force to make them…...

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