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Develop a Markteing Communication Plan

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Develop a marketing communication plan


Due Date 12. November 2008


Executive Summary
Find include a Marketing Communication plan for Madam Tussaud’s! What is an Communication plan Why it is important to have an Communication plan. When should you write a communication plan. Which person should get involved? It will include the objectives of the communication plan, an assessment of the characteristics of the product or service and their suitability for each of the four promotions and types of media. At the end there are some recommendations of evaluate a
Communication plan. Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Methodology 3
Results & Findings 3
Document History 4
Purpose 4
Project Description 5
Communication Objectives 5
Interested Party 5
Project Management and Admin 6
Advisory Board 6
Technical 6
Business 7
Information Required 7
Information Required Continued 8
Workflow process 8
Product 10
Target Market 12
Promotion 12
Objective of the Communication Plan 13
Assessment of the characteristics of the product or service and their suitability for each of the four types of media. 13
Advertising 14
Sales Promotion 14
Criteria by which the results of the Communication Plan can be measured 17
Limitations of the research 19
Conclusion 19
Recommendations 19
Appendices 20
Bibliography 21

Madam Tussauds is a Wax figure exhibition with very famous wax figures, from singers, world leaders, person you always want to meet. Experience the glitter world of fame at Madam Tussauds Wax cabaret. They are currently eight Madame Tussauds attractions across the globe and the ninth will be open in spring 2009 in Hollywood.

Primary data from my own experience (face to face)
Secondary data collected from the internet, books, library and hand outs.

Results & Findings

COMMUNICATIONS PLAN Project name Madam Tussauds Release Draft/Final 09.11.2008

Author: xxxxx
Director: xxxx
Champion: Mike Tussauds
Accountable Body: Tafe Document History

Document Location This document is only valid on the day it was printed.
The source of the document is:
Corianda = anja’s PC Revision History

Revision date Author Summary of Changes New Version
30.11.08 xxxx

Distribution This document has been distributed to:

Name Title Date of Issue Version xxxxx Master 12.11.08 first

Communication Plans are necessary for complex, major or high risk projects.
To define all parties with an interest in the project and the means and frequency of communication between them and the project. The Project Director owns this plan with the Project Manager, to ensure all necessary communication is issued out to relevant parties. Project Description
Briefly describe why the project is being undertaken.
This communication plan is created, to role out a new limited collection of Boxing stars with Madam Tussaud’s

Communication Objectives
The primary goal is to ensure that all individuals involved in the project understand the overall vision and aims, how and when changes will be implemented, to enable staff participation as required.

This requires clear presentation and articulation of the vision and key messages, as well as specific requirements (e.g. training and process changes) as these are developed.

List the projects communication objectives. For example:

Objectives summary:

Equal information flow between the 9 locations
Awareness – of new collection of boxing stars in there best fight.
Form September until December
Wold wide role out at the same time - in all nine Cabarets

Communication will be reliable, consistent, timely, open, straightforward, jargon-fee and customized wherever possible to the specific needs of target audiences.

Interested Party
All individuals noted in this document are related to the Madam Tussauds project with access details in the College’s Active Directory.

This will be broken down into four areas:

1. Project Management and Admin of all 9 locations
2. Advisory Board (includes Stakeholders)
3. Technical of all 9 locations
4. Business of all 9 locations

Project Management and Admin
Contacts falling within this area are:
(insert name) (insert project title) For example:
Mike Tussauds Project Champion (Project Board member)
Greg Baker Project Director (Project Board member)
Karl Heinz Mueller Senior Supplier (Project Board member)
Anja Fuhrmann – Dockhorn Project Manager
Erika Mueller Project Board Secretary

Advisory Board
Contacts falling within this area are:
(insert name) (insert project title) For example:
Marc Weidler Project Champion
Ina Riedel Project Director
Wolfgang Wenzel Senior Representative (Project Board Member)
Jens Grab Pro Rector (Research)
Morris Hiller Principal
Nina Pankratz Communications

Contacts falling within this area are:
(insert name) (insert project title) For example:
Georg Faust Architect
Lars Handschuh Designer
Amanda Ring Business Systems Analyst
Olaf Tau Developer
Eric Grab Platform, Back-ups & DR
Elli Blut Networks, firewalls, load balancing
Adam Haudruff Security

Contacts falling within this area are:
(insert name) (insert project title) For example:
Irena Merz Data Contact
Ann Control Business Analysis
Dirk Verteiler User Co-ordinator

Information Required
The information detailed below is generic in nature, the Project Director and Project Manager will take decisions on the detail provided to individuals.

The information distributed may be split by type:

Project Management
Technical & System
Marketing & Press Releases (end deliverable)

Information Required ContinuedNotes:

Business users will receive documentation relevant to their role and the system in question

Marketing & Press release information is considered important to the project in terms of gaining College support and ensuring smooth delivery. In order to create effect communication the following questions should be considered when writing this type of communication:
Workflow process
The Madam Tussauds project is a marketing role out of a new collection of boxing champions, which should be in progress in 4 month times.
The role out could improve the awareness and could create more visitors
The role out is very important, the marketing mix and promotion plan is in consideration (please feel free to see the first version attached)
It is important to the company; because it is the first role out for all 9 locations at the same time. However, the details and feedback of the plan should be monitored form all invited member of the communication plan. Please stay in the time frame. The benefits could be very clear in numbers during the period.
Everything will stay the same – it will be a add on showroom – interactive – with new models and a real box fight – where the visitors is invited to act.
My role is to monitor and implement the communication plan, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
It will get kicked off at the 01.12.2008, will run for 6 month, until 30.04.2009, gets over into a marketing plan und this should be rolled out at last until the 30.07.2009. so that the project can take place at the beginning of September 2009.
There will be my whole team evolved and if I am not present please, talk to Anka Binder, she will be in charge.
The bigger loser exhibition will be over at the 01.07.2009, so there is no special running.
Please let me know your thoughts before meeting, in written, so that everybody can be prepared to discuss. Thanks.

First version of the Marketing plan:

Interview’s (face to face – feedback from visitors)
Focus group (classroom)
Research the area
Money per household
Where are the most filled area with higher income
How many children life in your area
SWOT Analyst
WAX figures
Set up
Location (London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, etc.)
Madam Tussauds shop & gift shop
Refreshments & Snacks
Bits and pieces
Emotional satisfaction
Thoughts between the customer and the figures
Augmented product/service
Interaction with the Wax figure and the person
Great unforgettable time
Must have been there
Involving / un involving
A bit of both
In memories of each person
Un involving
It’s dead material
No movements
Target Market
World wide
All people over 5 years of age (accompanied by an adult) 
to 99 (if mobile)
People who would like to interact with wax
People who would like to meet famous people in wax
People who like to have fun, entertainment with wax figures
Being in London – being to Madam Tussauds
Promotional objective and why?
What you get
Unforgettable time
Emotional excitement
All benefits
What you can take
A model of your hand
What you have during the visit
Great time
Meet the person how like the most
Meet the person you cant touch in real but by Madam Tussaud’s

Objective of the Communication Plan

The communication plan gives the day-to-day work a focus
Where are we, what’s going on, what we have changed during the process
Help to sets priorities
What do we have to do first – get the information out at the new boxing models or shell we make a research what kind of subject have more impact?
Provide you with a sense of order and control
Help get the chief staff executive and staff to support the program or project
Protect against last-minute, seat of the pants demands from staff and members
Prevent from feeling overwhelmed, offering instead peach of mind for the project manager.
With a communication plan there is an decreased risk that Madam Tussaud’s will lead the communication process rather then react to it. Ad hoc, reactive communication often devalues the corporate and community reputation of Madam Tussaud’s project, programs and services and dilutes the corporate messages the organisation wishes to achieve.

Assessment of the characteristics of the product or service and their suitability for each of the four types of media.

A company or organization may use a range of different types of promotion to influence prospects including. In our case, because Madam Tussaud’s is “just” a non speaking product without any animation, etc… it is best to see the product how real it looks and get the visitors attention world wide. This will be the case with Advertising and Public relation to spread the word and some of the Sales Promotion actions, like special offers! There for I would recommend international TV channel, main focus could be in tourism – videos at airplane during landing in the city where a Madam Tussaud’s cabaret is,

Advertising is paid non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services. Jo E Kennedy defined advertising in 1905 as Salesmanship in Print. Now with more media his definition can be expanded to Salesmanship through the Media.
That would be the way to go with the Madam Tussaud’s promotion, because it is flexible to the product, you could show pictures of the Wax figures, show it in TV or talk about it in the radio.
Personal Selling (face to face)
Personal selling involves an oral presentation of a sales offer from one person to another.
This form of promotion I would not take on board – it will take to long to reach the target market und much to expensive – to do all over the world – if it would be a product which needs introduction and presentation on how it works it would be a different story. (for example a Bread slicing machine combination which you can by only in one Country!)
Sales Promotion
Sales promotion is any marketing activity other than advertising and personal selling that stimulates dealer or retailer effectiveness in stimulation buy in Sales promotion are generally of short duration and involve either
Special offers Yes absolutely great methode for Madam Tussaud’s.
such as coupons, refunds, cash back and contests which would perfectly work out with Madam Tussaud’s new special attractions = boxing! The visitor will look for discount coupons. However – we should not over do it….
Special methods No, please read explanation below.
such as free sample, exhibitions, point of purchase displays
Words for advertising: Win free prides reduced. I mean how needs free sample of WAX??? If it would be a product for leg waxing I totally would agree with a free sample but with Madam Tussaud’s??? Publicity & Public relations.
This is a form of non-personal sales stimulation caused by generating news about goods and services in the media. The news is not paid for directly and so the seller does not have control over the specific content or its placement. Yes – more then YES this is a great way to create word of mouth and get the new exhibition information world wide out!

The combination of Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity constitutes the promotional mix.

Advertising, Publicity and Sales Promotion tend to rely upon mass Communication through the media of Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor, Catalogues, Brochures and Point of Sales Displays and Internet. Mass communication tends to have low cost per contact accompanied by reduced ability to hold the attention and interest of prospects.
They are great methods and very suitable for Madam Tussaud’s new special Boxing Models:

TV, because it’s interactive – spooky will do the job for Madam Tussaud’s to spread the word around the world.
PR – unpaid advertising – not controllable, but perfect for the Madam Tussaud’s project – wide reach over the world possible.
Radio – not interactive but very reachable, cheaper then TV – that means more often possible at different times, creates more joyful impressions in the listeners heads to visit Madam Tussaud’s in the next city which they travel to.
Magazines – more expensive than news papers – but longer lasting and more people are reading a magazine the NP can create mystery, cross marketing with another brand. Particular Travel Magazins – what to do where (in which city)
Newspapers – greater reach then magazines & cheaper but not so long lasting only 1 or 2 people are reading it. Could have voucher inserted for the Madam Tussaud’s cabaret.
Direct mail most probably cheapest way but often unsuccessful i.e. 2 % return. Only a voucher or special family day invitation should be send out to members of the Madam Tussaud’s Club.
Sales Promotion covering all kinds of advertising
Internet & emails cheapest version of advertising – success rate 1 % though. It’s more a tool to inform existing costumers of what’s going on next – forward to a friend action, membership opportunities win a free family ticket. etc.
Publicity – bill boards poster … word of mouth – unpaid – uncontrollable – but very powerful
Travel Books – effective, reach of target market guaranteed
Airport news – news about wax figure arrivals of Madam Tussaud’s in X city
Billboards good branding – out door – you can make it BIG
Flyers – local area

Because we can reach the Taget market in a short time frame – which unlimited repeats (TV) or international radio stations for the international market or with domestic channels for the domestic market!
Where can you reach the target market:
At home
At work
During your free time
On the way from A to B
In the car
At public places
Tourism Office
Bowling club
Book club
Cinemas normally very advanced audience new tacks and ticks.
Restaurants & bars
Boxing schools – Boxing Gym’s
Trade shows
Tourism shows
Are there any other locations????? Please feel free to send your ideas through the communication plan to the project manager.

Criteria by which the results of the Communication Plan can be measured
Why should you measure the results of a Communication plan? There are two main reasons for conducting an evaluation:
To find out if we are on the right track or whether we need to adjust our course during the execution of the activity.
To find out if we have achieved our original objectives and if the results have had an impact on the problem identified at the outset.
During the Communication plan process evaluation allows us:
Determine whether we are on track toward achieving the initial objectives.
Identify the major difficulties encountered and the corrective actions required.
At the end of the process evaluation allows us to:
Determine whether we have achieved our objectives and to what extent.
Assess the degree to which our activities have had the desired impact on the problem or the development initiative that we wanted to address.
Draw lessons from the experience, identify ways of improving performance, and make recommendations for future activities.
We can measure a Communication plan during the process
The Communication plan can be measured by a monthly report on work in progress
Formalized department reports for presentation at staff meetings
Periodic briefings of staff and department heads, etc…

And at the end of the process:
A year end summery for the annual report
Determine whether we have achieved our objectives and to what extent.
Assess the degree to which our activities have had the desired impact on the problem or the development initiative that we wanted to address.
Draw lessons from the experience, identify ways of improving performance, and make recommendations for future activities.
What is the purpose of evaluation and who will use the results?
Information produced from an evaluation can be useful to stakeholders of various kinds:
Those responsible for developing the communication strategy. This information is essential to the researchers or practitioners responsible for the communication activities, to the partners involved, and to the community groups involved, to help them along the way in completing their project, and to recognize, at the end of the activities, the results that have been achieved as well as the lessons that can be learned for the future.
Members of the community, in particular the authorities and technical services responsible for the areas addressed by the communication activities, to help them carry out their responsibilities more effectively.
Donors, whether these are local organizations or outside development agencies. Those who contribute to such activities need to know if their investment was worthwhile and if it has served its objective.
Public audience or the development community. Some of the information produced during evaluation can also be of interest to other local community groups, other potential development partners, and other potential donors. At the national level, it can serve to publicize results among other community groups, and to the population at large.
Limitations of the research

I missed the class of Greg – which I think was a real pity and it limited me by not get the personal information from him to implement them. If you would have been able to visit his class – this report would have more class information in it and so fore it would be more clear and understandable, because it would have all class information in it.
Madam Tussaud has changed tremendously from being a museum with old, dusty wax figures to a very excellent, exciting and unique place to be.
They have built a successful new image over the last years which is paying off. The growing numbers are telling us the story. Nevertheless – the market changes quickly and it is always necessary to move with the flow. Therefore it is important not to underestimate the importance of a communication plan. If all business parts are functioning satisfactorily i.e. role out, time frame, staff, location(s), building(s), wax figures as well as a strong profit result show that the business could run smoothly with special add on exhibitions like boxing!
For then next communication plan to discuss the future of the marketing mix.

Develop a marketing mix: Madam Tussauds

Product Now Future
Features Wax figures Mechanized figures, internet, voice, recognition response by voice and movement sound activation, participate in figure making
Have yourself made in wax

Service benefits Interaction – informal atmosphere, no distance to the models, touch them Take them home – in a digital form – a movie who shows you by going though,
Service intangibility Photography Continuous videos imaging, select your time frame, download copy, select video copies of interaction with figure.
Service perish ability International-internet pre paid group buy ticket, pre book with air ticket.
Domestic; internet pre paid club membership, Ticket price include in any BA flight or/and transit passengers through London airport – to animate the people not to stay at the airport only – spend more money in the city.
Heterogeneity Not there yet. Maximize heterogeneity
Product mix breadth Historical sporting world leaders Pope stars movies star Famous people at different ages, cartoon characters fantasy figures, Wax hand replicas,
Product mix depth ?
Lifecycle stage Maturity Maturity
Lifecycle extension Continuous lifecycle extensions, quality every 5 years Continuous lifecycle extensions, quality every 5 years
Brand Where wax works More then wax, living wax, the full wax
Packaging In a building Virtual hologram

Implementation of a Communication plan Bibliography

Kotler Philip and Keller Kevin Lane; 2006; Marketing Management; 12 edition; Pearson – Prentice Hall; upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458

Smith P.R., 2002, Marketing Communication, 3th edition, Bell & Bain Ltd Glasgow Great Britain.

Cheverton Peter, 2006, Understanding Brands, Bell & Bain Ltd. Glasgow Great Britain. 

Allen Peter, 1977, Marketing Techniques for analysing and control, Latimer Trend & Company Ltd. Plymouth Great Britain.

Internet and hand outs…...

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Develop Emergency Action Plan

... Develop Emergency action plan Student’s Name Institution Develop Emergency action plan. Introduction. A general behavior model is an approach used in the risk management based on the situations of the cases. The steps of this model seek to establish the factors likely to increase the risk and how such variables can be circumvented or resolved within good time (Cheremisinoff & Rosenfeld, 2009). Assessment of stressor event. Stress to the fuel tank can result from falling objects of the large housing development nearby or from any of the four functioning pumps. The source of the stressors can be thermal, human, chemical or mechanical factors on the system. Assessment of the container breach. After the intense impact on any of the four underground tanks at the petrol station, there could be breaks and breaches on it causing communication with the environment. The breach on the underground storage tanks can result from detonation, explosion, spill, leak or rapid release. Checking the petrol, diesel release. A breached underground tank can release the fuel to the environment, either through the pumps or any other broken part of the container. Both petrol and diesel can be released in the form of either vapor or liquid depending on the prevailing environmental temperatures. The danger zone likely to be engulfed by petrol or diesel at the petrol station include the convenience store, the......

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Why Develop a Marketing Plan?

...WHY DEVELOP A MARKETING PLAN? Your marketing plan is an essential part of your overall business. When you are starting a business or introducing new products or concepts, this plan can help you: • Assess the needs of your customers, and develop a product or service to meet these needs. • Communicate the attributes of the product or service to the customer. • Establish distribution channels to get the products/services to the customer. Developing your marketing plan will help you identify aspects of marketing that are easy to overlook. To produce a sound plan you will need to outline who your customers are, how they will buy your product or hire your services , and why. Your banker or lender will also want to see the marketing section of your business plan before considering lending you money. Styles, markets, and goals change and so should your plan. Revisit your marketing plan on a regular basis to keep it current, and adjust it according to changes in your business activities or predictions of new trends. BEFORE WRITING YOUR MARKETING PLAN MARKET RESEARCH Before you develop your marketing plan, research the potential market for your product or service. Use the numbers, facts and findings to back up statements in your marketing plan. You can also design a questionnaire, create an online survey, and search available databases and other resources to find the information you need to build your marketing plan. • . DESCRIBE THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE Detail how your......

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Develop a Media Plan

...Assessment 1 Performance objective You are required to demonstrate the ability to define media requirements. Specifically, you must be able to identify the target audience and prepare a consumer profile, analyse product market factors, analyse the creative requirements of an advertising message, identify media merchandising requirements, confirm the media budget and legal and voluntary constraints. Assessment description You are required to define the media requirements for a media plan based on the information given in the advertising brief provided in Appendices of this Assessment Task. Write a report to address each of the following: ● identify the target audience ● a detailed customer profile ● relevant market factors to be considered ● creative and media implications ● merchandising requirements ● legal and voluntary constraints ● available budget. Procedure 1. Read the advertising brief provided in the Appendices of this Assessment Task. 2. Identify the characteristics of the target audience from the advertising brief. 3. Prepare a detailed consumer profile. 4. Analyse market factors to determine the reach and frequency required for each of the advertising media suggested in the brief. Consider the following factors: a. level of involvementb. product usage and life cyclec. advertising message characteristics | d. product characteristicse. competitive situationf. media environment. | 5. Write a paragraph on the creative requirements of the advertising......

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How to Develop Effective Communication

...HOW TO DEVELOP EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS Everywhere we go, there is always communcation. This communiction explosion has led to one of the most incredible tools, the internet. It allows us to communicate with people all around the world. But despite all our high tech means of communication, effective communication still comes down to people understanding each other, developing skills in order to compete in this worldwide market place. This much needed skills include, building trust, communicating verbally and non-verbally, listening better and dealing with conflict in the work place. One of the keys to succesful communication is trust. Being succesful largely depends on gaining trust from other people. If you dont have trust of other people, they cant count on you. Therefore, it is good to build trust, if you feel you haven’t built trust among people, there are ways you can gain trust. One of them is being supportive when someone is in need of support, it wil gain you trust if support is honest. Also, displaying concern for others is another good way to gain trust, it shows that you care and people will always have that back in their mind whenever they think of you or encouter you unless that is broken. Another way is recognition for initiative, appreciate what people do for you or for others, show that you appreciate them for that. You can also give fedback or honest opinions to people, this shows them that you will not let them go down in......

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Communication Plan

...Section II Communication Plan No matter how great an idea or plan is, it will fail unless it can be received and understood by others, making communication very important. Communication drives employee’s behaviors in accepting an idea, plan or change. Making the technique chosen very important. Riordan Manufacture is introducing a new more formal system to track customer’s information. Management realizes employees have a great responsibility to manage customer’s information and wanted to develop a better tool to perform this task more effectively. Keeping information uniform will better assist employees and managers, saving both parties time. Written communication is tangible and verifiable. Both the sender and the receiver have a copy of the communication. Written communication is more likely to be thought out, logical and clear making it an important tool to communicate for complex and lengthy communications. Written communication has drawbacks, it can be time consuming and a disadvantaged to immediate feedback (University of Phoenix). Oral communication is effective by getting the message out quickly and feedback is immediate. Face-to-face communication is always effective but has disadvantages if the message has to pass through individuals. The message will get distorted with every individual it passes through (University of Phoenix, 2011). We decided to use both methods to communicate the change in the way customer information is handled. We need......

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