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Designing a Compelling Professional Presentation

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Designing a Compelling Professional Presentation

Jack Welch Management Institute

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November 16, 2014


I was asked a few months ago to be a member of our city’s Strategic Planning Committee. As part of this committee I volunteered to serve as the chairman of the City Services Subcommittee. Our committee chair asked each of the subcommittees to have meetings with the public and he recommended that we have these meetings at homes of citizens of our city. He believed that if we went out into the neighborhoods we would get a better response than having the meetings at city hall. I has been my experience we see a better turn out of residents if we had regularly scheduled meetings in a place that was familiar to our citizens. Having meetings in different locations, on different days and at different hours, would not be conducive to attendance or capturing the trust of our residents. After much discussion, Juan said he wanted us to do it his way. Some of the committee members just shrugged their shoulders and proceeded with his direction. The first meeting was held on a Tuesday night at the home of one of our committee members. One would initially believe that attendance was great for this meeting because of what appeared to be a full house. But if you analyzed the attendance, we had all the members of the committee, most members of the city council and only six residents from the neighborhood where the meeting took place. The second meeting was held a month later at the home of a different committee member and attendance was even worse than the first meeting. There were only five committee members and two residents present. It was finally my turn to lead a meeting and I became the rebel. I went against the direction of the committee chairman and had my meeting at city hall on a Sunday afternoon. We had…...

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