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Describe Appropriate Methods of Written Communication in Different Business Contexts

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M2 – Compare areas of growth or decline in the primary, secondary and tertiary classifications of businesses activities.

To: Line Manager
From: Alberta Agyemang
Subject: M2 Compare growth and decline of classification of business activities.

In this report I will explain the growth and decline of business activities.

* Growth: it is mean that a sector is increasing; they are producing more and employ more people. * Decline: It is mean that a sector in decreasing, so they produce less and employs less people.
Primary Sector: 1. Fishing: the industry of fishing in the UK is declined from 2005 to 2010, the reason are the falling fishing quote, the industry has been left floundering by volatile seafood price and sharp economic downturn. After the 2010 they had a growth of 2.5% forecast including the years 2014 and 2015. The reason for the growth is the demand of seafood moderately and the seafood price rise. They employs 12.150 people and they have 6.291 businesses in the UK. Also, the annual rate was 0.9% of £819.1 million.

2. Foresting and Logging: the industry of Foresting has always increase in the years, and the reason why are increased each year is from the governments, local authorities and woodland owners as government bodies that give to the industry more services over the period and replanting the level as risen. The annual growth for the foresting industry is 1.3% over 5 years including 2014 and 2015 to reach £945.5 million. For the first 2 year of the demand of the industry fell. Also, they planned to increase the forecast by 2.1 in the 2014 and 2015. Their employs 14,000 people and have 3,221 businesses around the UK.

Secondary sector:

* Plastic packing goods manufacturing: the plastic packing goods in during 2005 and 2010 they increased as a industry in the UK, but the owners to make more profit they decided to stepped up to be more competitive in the market shares, and won with the others packaging rivals, such as glass, paper and metal. The industry growth over the five years (2010-2015), as a result of economy downturn. The reason are; A. Business budget were squeezed B. Rising of raw material cost and storage.
The annual growth is 1.6%m they employed 19,940 people and have 432 businesses in the UK.

* Plumbing, heating and air condition industry: the plumbing, heating and air condition industry are growing, because are the industries that have the primarily services in building markets affect the demand for industries operators. The annual growth of 2010-2015 is 1.3%, they employed 127,510 people and have 30.556 Businesses Around the UK.

Tertiary sectors:

* Supermarket: in the supermarket industries are growing and the reasons are; Cheap price and low margin, supermarket can actually benefit for the poor economic conditions. Over the five years through 2014-15 the supermarket industries have exploited the fact that consumers wanted to minimise they spending and taking revenue from independent conveniences stores. The industry revenue expiated was an annual rate of 2.5% to £164.1 billion. They employed 980.997 people and have 61 businesses in the UK

* Hotels: between 2009- 2011, during the economic downturn, tourist and businesses had to cut their spending on travel, so the hotels had a temporary decline. The industry had performed better in the 2012, and they attraction for the tourist, like the Olympic games improving the economic situation, so lifting demand for the hotel accommodation and supporting industries operators, that means that they had a growth. Their annual growth over the five years through 2014- 2015 is 1.6%, and they are planning to increase the annual growth to 2.6%. They employs 320,400 people and they had 9,500 businesses around the UK.…...

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