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Abbie Nicholas #15
Asia 101
Departures 1. Why is death “taboo” in Japanese society? Is your view on death different than what you saw in the film?
In Japanese society, death is taboo. It is seen as special and sentimental. There are many rules that have to be followed. The rituals were the ceremony of the body washing, dressing in clothes and makeup for final appearance before the burial . In the film it was a custom that family members performed it. Community members usually attended as well. Funeral homes soon started to take care of the bodies and it became a less of a family activity. I believe it was often seen as taboo since there is a lot of pain connected with death. During the film everyone was embarrassed that Daigo’s job was performing the ceremony and burial. His own wife left him for a while because she didn’t think it was a job a respected person should have. “Death” was something Japanese people during this time didn’t want to talk about or know about. In regards to the film I was very surprised by the arrangement of the body and the ceremony. It was something I haven’t seen before and I found it really interesting. Sadly, I have been to many funerals in the United States and in Israel and the US funerals are nothing compared to the prestige of the loved ones who passed away in Japan. The Nokanshis changed this painful, sad experience into something that gives the family a chance to send their loved ones off in peace. I found these ceremonies beautiful and delicate. The United States does not have beautiful ceremonies nor do we their washing of the bodies. Something else I found interesting is they do cremating. Not only is it cremating the body but the coffin as well. I don’t know much about cremating but I do know that it is something we don’t do in the US, we just cremate the body. Death is definitely seen in a different…...

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