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Departmentalization in Elementary School

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Stage one - Before
Successful implementation of departmentalization in elementary schools is a consequence of the amount of preparation involved in the planning stage. A committee will plan, through research how the departmentalization will be organized: partial or full departmentalization. In partial departmentalization students have two teachers divided into math/science and language arts/social studies. In contrast, full departmentalization students have a different teacher in a different class that teaches each subject. The committee will also decide which teachers will be on teams together. The committee consists of an administrator, teacher, content specialist, counselor, and curriculum coordinator. Parent input should be considered when determining some aspects of organization strategies. School administrators and teachers inform students and parents about departmentalization. An informational letter is composed telling why departmentalization has been adopted, when it will begin, and how it will be organized. The parents are informed well in advance of the actual implementation. A web page can be designed where parents can go to stay informed and to post questions and concerns. Communication with parents happens in a consistent and timely manner. Questions and comments from parents are discussed and responses given quickly. Administrators and teachers should be prepared to answer questions and calm concerns of parents. Professional development and in-service is provided to all involved teachers and staff. A trial run is conducted during the last month of a school year, before full implementation happens the next school year. Transitioning to the next departmentalized grade will happen smoothly for students that already have been exposed to this type of organization. The teachers will be able to…...

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