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Demonic Males

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According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has killed about 60,000 people. In Sudan, the Janjaweed Militia have killed at least 250,000 men, women, and children. In refugee camps, the Janjaweed Militia “attack towns, villages, and refugee camps, kill the men and boys, rape the women and girls, and poison the wells. Their goal is to replace these African peoples with Arab herders.” In the Democratic Republic of Congo the dead range from three to five million. (Genocide Watch) This type of violence is occurring as I write this paper. Syria, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are all male dominated cultures.
The book Demonic Males, by Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson, makes a strong case that human violence, especially in males, is biological. Wrangham and Peterson do a nice job presenting evidence of our link to the great apes. The authors also prove that apes are capable of premeditated acts of violence. Psychologists believe human behavior is 50 percent biology and 50 percent culture while traditional conception of human behavior maintains that people are good or bad, depending on familial and cultural influences. When people do bad things, it is because they came from a dysfunctional family, or they have psychological issues. When culture is responsible for violent acts, a traditional conception is that the culture has the wrong belief system. This culture’s belief system is wrong because it differs from the norm. The norm depends on the culture doing the judging. I believe that human violence is both biological and cultural.
Charles Sibley and Jon Ahlquist, two Yale Biologists, provided evidence through DNA analysis that placed humans “right inside the great ape group. This extraordinary idea, if true, would demolish the concept of apes as their own discreet group separated from humans by a wide chunk of…...

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