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1) Customers
Deepika has a very loyal customer base. Thus they do not face any threat of losing their customers and the cost of maintaining the customer loyalty would be negligible when compared to that required by other newspapers in the market.

2) Employees
The employees of the firm are loyal and thus the firm faces a very low employee turnover. The firm has got a pool of capable and highly experienced work force.

3) Management
A team that is highly committed and confident manages the firm. The firm has been able to attract some of the most talented people to its various departments. Decentralised system of decision making is practiced.

4) Brand image
Deepika has over the years of its existence built up on its brand name as the paper of the working class. The brand name is also perceived as the one that has 'Truth in News'
5) Social commitment
The social commitment of Deepika is very prominent when one considers its involvement in activities beyond journalism. Deepika also makes it a point to provide credible news.

6) Management Employee Relationship
The firm enjoys a good relationship between the management and the employee. Thus there is a better co-ordination between the various levels in the organization. It is highly noted that in the 122 years of its existence there had never been any types of strikes or lock outs. There are no politically based trade unions although it maintains an excellent relation with its workers.

7) Market Position
Deepika enjoys the privilege of being in the first position in the market with regard to circulation and quality. This is one advantage that the newspaper can project in improving aspects such as circulation and advertisement revenue.

8) Intelligent Journalism & Intelligent Business Decision
Deepika, as a policy…...

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