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Family status Summary

Expansive business experience on Emerging markets Strong analytical and educational background Management experience Diverse work and life experience

Experience 02/2010 – present Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Austria Credit management corporate, Director  Counterparty credit risk and underwriting management in European emerging markets with special focus on Russia and Ukraine.       12/2008 – 01/2010 Structuring complex corporate credit transactions such as LBOs and investment loans. Developing an advanced internal tool for calculating Risk weighted assets under both standardised and IRB approaches. Developing and implementing industry concept in credit risk management. Reporting large and complex transactions to the bank’s Credit committee and Management board. Exercising my own approval competences for approval of credit transactions. Mentoring junior professionals and trainees in the department.

Raiffeisenbank AD, Bulgaria Corporate credit risk, Head of department  Managed a credit risk department of 10 risk professionals responsible for the largest corporate credit risk exposures.     Was a voting member of the bank’s credit committee with own approval authorities. Steering the credit committee meetings. Participated in risk related projects originated in head office improvement, Data Quality management, Regular risk reporting). Met National Supervisory in terms of IRB application status of the bank. (Rating model

06/2008 – 11/2008

EFG Eurobank AD, Bulgaria Credit risk management, Head of department  Managed a department of 9 risk managers,  Responsible for corporate and retail credit risk

08/2005 – 05/2008

Raiffeisenbank AD, Bulgaria Corporate credit risk, Risk manager/ Head of department  Managing a team of 7 risk managers starting from 10/2007.    Underwriting credit risk.…...

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