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Cutting Through the Clutter

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 History 3 Literature Review 5 Cutting through the Clutter 7 Regulation 8 Research 9 Literature Analysis 12 Perception 12 New Mediums 14 Future Research 17 Conclusion 19 References 21

In today’s consumerist world, we are bombarded by advertising messages through virtually every medium inducing us to change our attitudes. All of the companies are screaming for our attention at once, each of which is trying to shout the loudest to be heard over the commotion. This commotion, created by the multitude of companies, blends together creating a constant buzz in the back of the consumer’s mind. It leads to a world filled with overwhelming clutter that leaves consumers trying to find a way to keep from drowning. As a result, many marketers are considering whether the advertising message is still getting through to the customer or if the message is becoming decreasingly effective in particular to the medium used to deliver the message. Marketers are becoming increasingly aware that they need to find a way to break through the clutter created in today’s culture. Some observe that a more cluttered environment reduces advertising viewing, increases avoidance, impairs advertising memories, inhibits the ability to correctly identify the brand, and has an undesirable impact of emotional responses to advertising (Hammer, 2009). This paper examines current research that is being done on traditional mediums of advertising, whether the clutter is leading to decreased effectiveness of advertising messages, as well as focusing on current trends that are leading the world of advertising in new directions.
Advertising has been around since there has been the need to exchange products or services from a provider (company) to a purchaser although the methods that were once used are very different from…...

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