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Current Business Practice Audit

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Riordan Current Business Practices Audit
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Riordan Current Business Practices Audit

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer with locations in California, Georgia, Michigan, and China. The vice president of operations decided to develop a sustainability plan. Team A has been assigned the task to conduct a business audit to evaluate the Riordan’s current business practices at each location. The audit provides valuable information to identify the nonsustainable business practices and how each effects the environment. The subject in this paper is how Riordan Manufacturing will identify their nonsustainable practices, federal regulations, mandatory, and voluntary actions necessary to implement a successful sustainability plan.
Nonsustainable Business Practices

The business practice audits brought to light three nonsustainable practices. The three practices highlighted by the audit include wasted energy from the plants, the use of toxic cleaning solvents, and spilled ink. These three business practices can be very harmful to the environment. Burning fossil fuels for energy creates gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and volatile organic compounds. These gases cause air pollution. They can cause several kinds of air pollution, particular matter, smog, and ozone (New Energy Alternative, 2008). Air pollution can travel thousands of miles and can harm areas that burn fossil fuels sparingly. The next nonsustainable practice is the use of toxic cleaning solvents. The release of toxic chemicals from the spent cleaners can cause damage to the ozone layer. This contributes to the greenhouse effect that causes global warming. Global warming raises the earth’s temperature and can cause many environmental problems. Some of those are polar ice caps melting, fires, wild fires, increased hurricanes,…...

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