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CLP Power HK Limited is one of the two power suppliers in Hong Kong. It established in 1901 which has over a century experience for providing power and serving to Hong Kong people. The 3 categories of CLP business are electricity generation by using renewables, natural gas and coal, electricity transmission and electricity supply to over 5.5 million people in its supply area. The CLP is successfully expanding the business developments into Chinese Mainland, Australia, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan; it has become one of the leading power companies across Asia now. The CLP obtains its philosophy of customer-oriented for providing highly reliable electricity to customers by world-class power supply in Hong Kong. The mission of CLP is to produce and supply energy with minimal environmental impact to create value for shareholders, employees and the wider community.

In 2010, the CLP was awarded The Standard Award for Best Retention Strategies by Key Media, HRM Awards. The voluntary turnover rate of CLP is 3.1% in Hong Kong in 2010, it is the lowest rate in the businesses of other countries and a lower rate compared with many organizations. How can the CLP sustain its company in low turnover rate in Hong Kong? The followings are the reasons that we analyzed through the research findings on successful retention strategies in different human resources aspects.

Throughout the corporate social responsibility in community, the CLP can build the positive image. The positive image of company can help to increase and maintain the retention of employees. If the company image is good that means the stakeholders have confidence toward this company, then the employees are more willing to stay at the company with positive goodwill and reputation. Therefore, the CLP does better than the rival on participating in different activities to the community through the following 3…...

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