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Cryogenic Machining

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Project Team
• University of Massachusetts • Springfield Technical Community College
– Gary Masciadrelli – Megan Piccus – John Lafrancis – Zvi Rozen – Dave Cruise – Thomas Langevin – Tiefu Shao – Sundar Krishnamurty


Why Cryogenic Machining?
• Environmentally sound. • Higher production rates • Greater tool life • Hogouts

What is Cryogenic Machining?
• Using liquid nitrogen (ln2)as a coolant for tools.

Liquid Nitrogen
• Temperature -196 C -321 F • Colorless • Inert, doesn’t react with other materials • Non toxic • Readily vaporizes into gas.

Keeping Tools Cool
Hardness at Temperature Carbide tools at room temperature -1600 -1800 kg/mm^2 Carbide at 500 C – 1000 – 1100 kg/mm^2 Carbide at 900 C - 600 – 500 kg/mm^2

Tool wear at 70m/min @ feed of .20 mm/rev

Project Icefly
• Commercialized cryogenic process.
– Collaboration between Air Products and Hardinge machine tool builder. In 2003. – Developed specifically for turning. – Team experimented with some milling.

• Tool life increases up to 40% in Titanium turning. • Tool life increases up to 130% in Hard turning. • Increase in MRR up to 290% in Hard turning. • Increase in MRR up to 60% in Titanium milling. • Tool life increases up to 260% in Titanium milling.


Project deliverables 1, Design robust ln2 system to support milling processes. 2, Build prototype system. 3, Implement and debug system in STCC. 4, Optimize prototype to yield MRR of 25%. 5, Report out to industry.

Project Phases
• Develop base line information. • Optimize process. • Design and Build of prototype ln2 milling process. • Implementation of the prototype. • Cost justification for production unit.

Develop base line information
• Research current Titanium milling process. • Obtain equipment and materials for testing. • Replicate project ice fly process.

Optimize process
• Identify critical process parameters. • Run experiments. • Analyze the data. • Rerun the experiment to confirm analysis.

Design and build prototype ln2 milling process.
• Design. • Design review. • Build

• Install prototype system. • Debugg system. • Run off the process.

Cost Justification for Production Unit
• Obtain costs. • Determine achievable cost savings. • Develop generic project plan for implementation. • Calculate ROI. • Report out to Industry.


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E.O. Ezugwu ( Oct 2003)

An overview of the machinability of aeroengine alloys.
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Experimental investigation of Cryogenic cooling by liquid nitrogen in orthogonal machining process.
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• • •

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Cryogenic machining with brittle tools and effects on tool life Ranajit Ghosh, Zbigniew Zurecki, John H. Frey ( Nov. 2003) Dry machining of metals with liquid nitrogen. Zbigniew Zurecki, George Harriot, Xiaoguang ( Oct. 1999)…...

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