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Tensions in Corning developed from external and internal factors. However, I argue that internal factors such as change in leadership style, poor communication, lack of focus, and inter-department distrust worked as the major drivers of this tension. And that the external factors simply helped by lowering the morale of the different divisions and their respective employees. The underlying problem of inadequate communication dissemination of Corning has led the managers, workers and committees to focus on different goals. This is in line with Rogers’ statement of his view on the current situation that the major problem they face now is division growth. After all, how is EPD supposed to grow when there is dissent, distrust and miscommunication within the internal systems of EPD?

Environmental (External & Internal) Analysis and Reasons for Tension
-Strong Tech capability in invention and manufacture of glass products -Established position in market -Uncertainty in new Leadership under Rogers -Good brand recognition -High Expectations can be a double edged sword -High Expectations -Poor Service to Customers -Always tries new things - Entrepreneurial -Missed commitments were high prior to Rogers -Missed commitments reduced under Rogers - Inter-department distrust -New information system developed by Sales Service -Poor communication in corporation
Strengths Weaknesses
Opportunities Threats -Color TV emerging as a significant market -New competition Fiercely competitive -Growth of data processing industry -Prices fell sharply putting pressures on cost -Market starting to seem like a commodities market -Declining economy
Corning SWOT Analysis 1968

There were a couple main external and internal problems which Corning faced at the time. Market conditions in the 60s were changing. The technology industry was becoming…...

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