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Corn Cleaning Machine Energy Cost Analyzation

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CORN CLEANING MACHINE works like this:
The materials go into the sieve for big impurities from work bin which is baffled to uniformly scatter the materials on the sieve.The sieve vibrates to separate the big impurities from the materials .The big impurities are discharged from the outlet. Corns,mediate and small impurities fall onto another sieve through holes.
The small and flat corn vibrates with rubber ball to fall onto bottom plate through the holes and goes out from outlet.The other materials are graded according to their different gravities from the air suction system.The grains mixed with stones fall on the destoning sieve along the first,second and third grading devices.The destoning sieve seriously searches out stones and some impurities heavier than the corns and discharges them outside.The lighter impurities are discharged through air suction tunnel due to the reverse wind generated by destoning adjustment plate.The destoned materials flow to the end of sieve and go to the corn peeling machine.

First, the enterprises should be familiar with corn cleaning machine power consumption. A workshop should be divided into several workshop departments or sub-processes. The electric quantity which these sub-processes demand can be decided accurately by the integer power measurement methods.

Second, during corn cleaning machine energy consumption, power consumption is also a cooperation method for indicating production operation. Therefore, in corn cleaning machine operation, we should keep regular maintenance, reduce machine halting time and the maintenance cost and improve working efficiency.

Finally, in corn cleaning machine operation, we can adopt “peak shifting production”method, which is conducive to improve economic benefits of enterprises. Besides, we should also pay attention to corn cleaning machine hardware consumption, keep good maintenance, reduce wear rate of accessories and maintenance cost. This is also one good method of controlling corn cleaning machine energy consumption.…...

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