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Chapter 1 The twins
Madame Benetton wore a suit blouse and her long straight hair was loosened on her shoulder. She had dyed her hair into yellowish-brown to cover her growing graying brown hair. She walked up the stairs to reach her children. She walked into her daughter’s room. Her room was a square studio size with purple-painted wall. A white plastic table with a laptop in a sleeping mood was sat in front of the window. There were tons of books stacked beside her laptop with a book opened on the middle of the desk. There was a purple book rack beside her bed stuffed with neatly arranged of different kinds of book, like Oxford English Dictionary, encyclopedia, non-fiction and fiction books, etc. While her purple and white wardrobe is beside the entrance to her bathroom. There were lots of quotes pasted on the wall.
“She must be slept late yesterday.” Madame Benetton thought. She walked to the window and pulled aside the purple velvet curtain. The sunlight was beaming into the room. The dimly lit room had suddenly brightened up. Collins’s eyes were hurt. She pulled her purple, cotton-like blanket to cover her head. She was totally unaffected and continued her dream with a slightly snoring sound.
“Sweetums, it’s time to wake!’Madame Benetton said. “Come on! Get up! Quickly! You’ll be late for school!’
Collins suddenly sat bolt upright with her eyes wide opened when she heard SCHOOL. She got up and headed to bathroom.
‘I already ironed your school uniform. I already hung in your wardrobe.’ said Madame Benetton, heading out of her room. ‘Mom, I will get down in a minute.’ Collins said.
Madame Benetton never worried with her daughter. She walked into a room on the left side of Collins’s room. She turned the knob of the wooden door. The size of the room and the arrangement of furniture were same. There was different from Collins’s room as everything was in navy blue. There was a lot of llama on the rack instead of books. However, there was collection of Harry Potter Series, comics, etc. on the rack. She did almost the same to his sons. This became one of her habits to wake her children up every morning. She didn’t fury about it at all. For her, this is kind of blessings from God. She loves her twins so much, more than herself. She would sacrifice everything for her kids.
She walked forward to reach her son’s bed. “Wake up! Conner! It’s already 7.35am,” said Madame Benetton, a bit loudly, while shaking her son’s hand which lay besides the night stand.
“It had been more difficult to wake him up.” Madame Benetton thought, like usual. She shook him even harder and finally he awoke. She half-pulled and half-pushed him into bathroom.
Madame Benetton walked down to dining room. Collins had already settled down herself on one of the dining chairs, applying peanut butter on toast. Collins was a petite young teenage girl, who undoubtedly very good-looking. She had tightened her auburn brownish straight hair into a pony tail with a black rubber band and there was a light blue ribbon on top of it. She wore her prefect uniform which a long sleeve white blouse which folded until her arm’s length and a light blue skirt. She had inherited from her deep dark eyes, fair skins and pointed chin. “Good morning, mom!” Collins said. Madame Benetton sat down to have her breakfast too.
“You were staying up late yesterday, weren’t you, Collins?” Madame Benetton asked.
“Yeah. I am going to have exam next week.”Collins answered, accompanied by a yawn.
Meanwhile, Conner was walking down the stairs. He pulled aside a chair beside his usual seat and put his navy blue schoolbag on it. “Good morning, Mom.” Conner said sleepily. Conner, twins of Collins, was tall and pinkish skin with a chubby and rosy-cheek. He had inherited from his father greenish-blue deep eyes and brown hair which will grow like strawberry when it was long.
Conner and Collins were twins. They shared the same type of blood in their veins and same age, 16-year-old. But then they had very different personalities, appearances and preferences. Collins was a geek. She loved books and determined to study medicine, to becoming an eminent doctor. While Conner decided to become an actor and author in the same time.
Madame Benetton divorced with his husband, Eoin Benetton when the kids just turned into 12-years-old. She was deeply concentrated on her career after her divorced trauma. Since then, Collins was brought up by her mom and dad. And Conner was brought up by his father-side grandma. He lived with his another little sister cousin who was needed special care. She worked so hard and suffered a depression and felt emptiness in her life. She couldn’t understand the meaning of her life. As a diploma holder, she could earn as much by her experience.
She neglected her twins so much, barely visited them in a month. After recovered from those traumas, she has taken care and brought up the twins herself. As a single mother, it was hard for her. She has to take extra time for her twins, takes up extra responsibility to earn for living and does house chores. Her mom would definitely help her in everything she needs. Even though she was busier, but she felt the satisfaction with her kids around her. She does realize she is not alone. She has the most precious gift from god and she will cherish them no matter how.
“Mom, I am headed to school now. We are going to be late.”Collins said. “Conner, come on!” Conner, who was biting his toast, looked up annoyingly to his sister, who stood up and inserted bread into her bag. Madame Benetton suddenly awoke from her daydreaming. “Okay, do you need a ride?” she said. “It’s okay. We will go on foot.” Collins said. “Bye! Mom! ” They said simultaneously. They leaned forward and kissed their mom’s cheek.
Collins carried her backpack and holding a few books in her hand. Then she dashed to the door and headed to school. Conner ambled out and his hands still holding the unfinished toast.
“Bye! Have a great day! Take care and learn something!” Madame Benetton said after them.
After finished her breakfast, she stood up and started cleaning the dishes. Then she took her car keys and locked her house to work after made sure her house’s lights, fans, air-cons and electronic devices were off.…...

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