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3.3 Airport Slots
Connectivity, especially through hub operations, would depend largely on the allocation of airport slots for connecting flights. The number of airports that use full capacity of their slots are increasing in recent years. These airports are called Level 3 airports. Operators should not misuse their airport slots like different time or different way. If operator complies with its slots, the slot cannot be confiscated. Slots can be exchanged or transferred between airlines. Slot allocation is independent from bilateral air service agreements. Most countries use IATA Worldwide Slot Guidelines (WSG) as standard. Because of the physical capacity of airports airport slot system is needed for sure, but it’s affecting the air transportation market in a bad way, some operators adopt practices that decrease the efficiency of this process. Because slots are so valuable, some companies overbid, return the slots late or under-utilize just enough to keep the slot so that it can be sold for a higher price. The studies about increasing the efficiency of slot allocation is not enough to conclude a solution. There is a need for the international aviation community to standardize the slot allocation procedures and work together for better policies. ATC slots are different than airport slots and they are not predefined, they should also comply with airport slots, so that scheduled times can be met. Some studies has had conclusions to solve the issues of the airport slot allocation system. A detailed study was made by ICAO in 1999 and results are published in 2001. In Air Traffic Conference 5 it is concluded that “any slot allocation system should be fair, non-discriminatory and transparent, and should take into account the interests of all stakeholders. It should also be globally compatible, aimed at maximizing effective use of airport capacity, simple, practicable…...

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