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International Exchange Program FAQ
About Exchange Program
How long will I be away?
You can spend one semester abroad. The duration of the semester depends on the exchange program at the host institution that you have chosen.
Will participation in an exchange delay graduation?
You will receive credits towards your degree for subjects completed overseas and with careful planning, "going on exchange" will not add any additional time to your studies. Firstly you shall finish all compulsory courses at Fudan, because we don’t accept credits from other intuitions for compulsory courses. Secondly, you need to check your academic plan to make sure you can get enough elective credits in the host institution. Students go for exchange during the dissertation semester need to finish your dissertation on time and come back to Fudan to attend the oral defense. You can contact academic advisor for detailed information.
When can I participate in an exchange program?
We suggest full-time students go for exchange in the third semester, because they need to finish the compulsory courses in the first two semesters and finish the dissertation in the forth semester.
For part-time students, the suggested exchange time will be the third or the forth semester.
How many application rounds are there in one academic year?
There will be two rounds application, one for fall term and one for spring term. Fall term will be the main exchange season, all exchange seats of the whole academic year will be open in the first round, and only the remaining seats will be available in the second round.
How many times can I apply for an exchange during my MBA study?
You can apply more than once, only if you fail at the first time application or you didn’t sign the exchange confirmation.
About Application
How do I apply?
Please visit our website to get information about International Exchange application procedure.
When do I apply for an exchange program?
Online Applications must be done before certain application deadline. The fall term is the main exchange season; all exchange seats of the whole academic year will be open in fall term. The remaining seats will be open to spring semester.
What are the application criteria?
You Must: • Be enrolled in the Fudan IMBA/MBA/MPACC Program, the Fudan-Hong Kong MBA Program or the Fudan-BI MBA Program. • & Have a GPA average (3.0) or higher at FDSM (This criteria will be checked after the Interview) • & Have a score of B- or higher in Business English (For Fudan IMBA Students) • & Have a score of B+ in Business English (for Fudan MBA Students) • Or, have IETLS of 6.5 above or TOFFEL IBT of 90 above score within the validity period. • MPACC/ Fudan-Hong Kong MBA Program or Fudan-BI MBA Program students please consult your program advisor for application criteria.
Can I still apply for the exchange program if I don’t meet the business English and GPA requirement?
If you are close to the Business English and GPA minimum, you can still apply. If you have valid TOEFL (90 or above/Internet based) or EILTS (6.5 or above) score, you can also apply.
How are students selected?
Students need to complete online application before the deadline; selected students will be invited to take part in an interview. Candidates are ranked upon their interview scoring (valid TOEFL or IELTS score will be a plus), students can choose the exchange institution according to their ranking.
Do I need TOEFL or EILTS scores?
TOEFL or EILTS scores within validity period are a plus but not a must to the application. As many partner institutions do have language requirements for students from non English-speaking regions, nominated students shall have required TOEFL or EILTS scores ready before the host institution’s application deadline. (You can check the application deadlines of the partner schools on the school list)
Fees and Expenses
How much will it cost to go on an exchange?
You will pay tuition to Fudan while on exchange, no additional tuition to the host institution. Potential expenses are: flights, accommodations abroad, passport & visa expenses, emergency fees, local transportation, books and course materials, immunizations and insurances. The expenses of an exchange vary from one student to others depending on their life styles.
Are accommodations provided?
Some host institutions offer on-campus accommodations while others do not. If available, you shall read the accommodation information carefully and apply as soon as possible. Campus accommodations are normally very popular among the exchange students.
If you live off-campus while abroad, travel to your host destination prior to the beginning of classes to secure accommodations. FDSM does not provide assistance in securing accommodations for outgoing exchange students, but can help you to connect with FDSM students who had been to that country or school in the past so that you can get their advice on where to look for safe, affordable accommodations.
Is there any scholarship or subsidy for exchange?
FDSM does not provide scholarship for exchange students. Very few partner schools may provide scholarship or subsidy, please check the information sheet.
Before going abroad
How can I obtain an official transcript?
An official transcript is needed both for application to the host institution and for visa application. You can get official transcript from your program advisor.
How do I fill out the “exchange courses selection approval” 《复旦MBA学生出国出境交换选课申请表》?
Check the course list provided by the host institution or website of the host institution to research what courses may be available to you and write down what courses you're hoping to take if you go on exchange. Write this “wish list” on the “exchange courses selection approval”, including course credits and credit hours in the host institution, and sign it. You need to submit the approval form to the program exchange advisor; He or she will help to determine whether the coursework you plan to take abroad is suitable and whether the credits are enough.
Coming back from exchange
How are credits from an exchange transferred?
You are required to obtain approval for courses taken on exchange by completing a course credit transfer application form《成绩及学分转换申请表》. Your Academic Advisor will use your course credit transfer application form, along with your official transcript from your host institution to transfer your credits.
Who do I contact for information about exchanges?
You can ask your program coordinator for exchange information.
Or contact the secretaries of the Exchange Committee
Information about Partner Institutions
Ms. Maggie YU(于琪)
Office: 904, Lidasan Building
Tel: 86-21-25011440
Information about Application Procedure
IMBA/MBA program
Ms. Sherry HONG(洪雪君)
Office: Room 709, Starr Building
Tel: 86-21-25011305

MPACC Program
Mr. Tao Huang (黄涛)
Office: Room 706, Starr Building
Tel: 86-21-25011275

FUDAN-BI program
Ms. Gong YU(龚瑜)
Office: Room 701, Starr Building
Tel: 86-21-25011335

FUDAN-HKU program
Mr. Hynis Yuan ( 袁帅)
Office: Room 702, Starr Building
Tel: 86-21-25011329

Who is the Exchange Academic Advisor from my Program?
See the following list of contact info for all programs. You will need to meet with your academic advisor to get sign-off on your course choices on the 'Exchange Course Selection Approval' form.
王晓静 Ms. Xiaojing Wang
Office: Room 709, Starr Building
Tel: 86-21-25011308
MPACC Program
黄涛 Mr. Tao Huang
Office: Room 706, Starr Building
Tel: 86-21-25011275
Fudan-HKU IMBA Program
袁帅 Mr. Hynis YUAN
Office: Room 702, Starr Building
Tel: 86-21-25011329
Fudan-BI MBA Program
龚瑜 Ms. GONG Yu
Office: Room 701, Starr Building
Tel: 86-21-25011335…...

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