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Computerized Inventory System

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Chapter I: System Background A. University Background/Company Background B. Organization Directory C. Objective of the Study D. Theoretical Framework E. Conceptual Framework F. Significance of the Study G. Scope of the Project H. Delimitation of the Study
Chapter II: System Plan A. Problem Description 1. Problem Description 2. Anticipated Business Benefits 3. System Capabilities B. Project Schedule 1. Work Breakdown Structure 2. Project Evaluation and Review Techniques C. Project Feasibility 1. Economic Feasibility 2. Technological Feasibility 3. Operational Feasibility 4. Cultural/Political/Organizational Feasibility

Chapter III: System Analysis A. Information Gathering Tools and Techniques 1. Questionnaire 2. Interview Guide 3. System Documentation B. Hardware Requirement 1. Event Table 2. Class Diagram 3. Use Case Diagram 4. Use Case Description
Chapter IV: System Design A. System Design Model 1. Screen Layout 2. DFD (Data Flow Diagram) 3. ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) 4. Database Design 5. Table Relationship Diagram 6. Data Dictionary
Chapter V: Conclusion and Recommendation A. Conclusion B. Recommendation C. Curriculum Vital


University Background
SGS-Shepherd’s Grace School, Inc. is a Catholic School and is open to all religion. It respects personal preferences and values.
It was May 2, 2009 when our arrangement to take over the operation of a private school was confirmed and finalized. Dr. Elizabeth K. Buyayo, the other owner, suggested that we register the school with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The former school, which was closed due to problems encountered by the former owners, was known as “St. Anthony de Padua School”.
When we decided to operate the school, we immediately change the name to “SGS Shepherd’s Grace School, a private Catholic School and was approved by SEC. the curriculum includes from Preparatory level to high School level.
The school building condition needs major renovation and repainting when we finally open for operation. We also have to purchase several school equipment, furniture and fixtures and other materials for the school year 2009-2010 operation. We spent no less than half a million pesos to keep the operation going. We are always worrying where we can get the financial support to pay the salaries of our teachers and our most concern, theP40, 000.00 monthly rental. Another problem is the collection of tuition fees, which most parents are delayed in paying their obligations. All these problems were almost solved except for the total collection of tuition fees.
Believing in the Good Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ, He will guide us in this mission and we are taking the challenge to continue and dream not only to survive but to increase our service in this educational and spiritual mission.
The school administrator, Faculty, and Staff wishes to welcome you to SGS- shepherd’s grace school whose very foundation merely purports towards elevating your total personality into a higher level of self-awareness, social and technological competence through the inculcation both of the very essence of spiritual development and the power of education.
In our pursuit to make you realize the importance of academic excellence in order to achieve a highest desire to be of great service to humanity and the world in general, the institution manages to keep its emphasis on a value-centered curriculum that does not deviate from a democratic yet orderly system of education.
We assure you that this is institution whose luster as an academe will continue to shine; however, the success of your children depends on the personal effort and diligence that they exercise.
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES * Academic skills-To provide our students adequate learning facilities. * Spiritual and moral values-To mould them through a true-to-life fine examples that they can imitate from their mentors. * Physical and socio-emotional growth-To help their socio-emotional growth physical activities with proper environment conductive for learning. * Proper motivation at home, church, and community. To help develop our students to become loving and caring children as they grow. * Diverse aptitude and interest so as they to equip the students with skills that they can make use for a productive chosen endeavour. * Awareness of their spiritual, moral, intellectual, and social obligations and responsibilities to God and community. * Sense of duty in meeting the standards of education as envisioned by the government with emphasis on English, Science, Mathematics, and computer technology for this millennium. * Goals can be achieve by nourishing the flames of hard work and dedication in the students.

SGS students becoming devotes of Jesus Christ, the Good shepherd will promote Hope, Love and faith in God.
We are committed to lead, to develop and to educate our students with character building and academic excellence. We will proactively upgrade the quality of our educational program using current methods and skills
The grading Scheme is an integral tool in the evaluation of the instructional program of SGS-shepherd grace school. This measures the extent by which the instructional and the behavioral objectives are accomplished. Likewise, it validates if the philosophy of SGS students education is being exemplified and implemented.
The academic probation serves as restraining measure to students who incurred failing marks or have exhibited unsatisfactory academic
Performance. Thus, this would be enabled the students to improve their academic performance.
1. Students under academic probation shall be subject to academic dismissal if he/she fails atleast two subjects.
2. Academic probation will be revoked the following year if the students earned a passing grade in all subjects. If not, they are advised to transfer to other schools.

Commonwealth Avenue corner Marlboro St.
Fairview Quezon City



General Objective The general objective of the proponents to their study is to make the work of user easy, time saving, that the data will encode is safely stored and easy to find. Our system is easy to manipulate even if the user is not a computer science students.
Specific Objective Here are the objectives of the proponents to answer all the problems that occur on the existing system.
1. Direct access to the availability of the books.
2. Less physical work.
3. To be able to have a system that can organize files and data.
4. Capable for having, updating, editing and deleting files.
5. Accurate number of books.

THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK PROCESS | Stored information of students and book borrowed. | Stored information of students and book borrowed are stored in database. | INPUT | Existing Library System | Proposed Computerized Library System |

OUTPUT | Stored information of students and book borrowed written in paper. | Stored information of students and book borrowed are printed in paper. |

The proposed Computerized Library System for Shepherd Grace School will take a lot of significant improvement from its existing system. * From the manual system they used to computerize one that will make borrowing, returning and securing the book easier. * From the manual transaction by listing down the name who borrowed the book instant printout of records.

Title: Implementing Successful Computerized Library System Input Process Output of Manual System Input Process Output
Manual information listed in card catalog/paper
Manual information listed in card catalog/paper
Manual listing of information
Manual listing of information
Manual input of registration information
Manual input of registration information

The diagram shows that if there was a new borrower, he/she must register its information, once it was completed the librarian will issue the library card and borrower can now borrow books.

Input Process Output of Proposed System Input Process Output
Computerized Library System
Computerized Library System
Computerized Data processing
Computerized Data processing
Computerized encoding of data
Computerized encoding of data

The diagram shows that once the user enters the data’s needed, it will automatically process by the system. All data entered are store safely.

Ensuring the manual library system which was the main problem to be solved. We made the proposal which is Computerized Library System that will be implement to less the burden of the school from Manual to Computerized. To decrease the time that will be used and less the staff needed. To have an inventory list of books. Monitoring the incoming supply of books added.

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT * Can enter the record of the new books and retrieve the details of books available in the library. * Can search available books that can be printed. * Easy update and delete facility. * It has database which stores user details and book details. * It can check how many books are issue and stock available. * It can less the encoding process and consumed less time. * It has a data report of students and book borrowed that can be printed. * It doesn’t allow to use number in creating user account. Our library system can provides an access to all necessary data entry, update data, add, search, exit commands buttons have been provided in the forms.

DELIMITATION OF THE PROJECT Our library system does not have the capability to issue 2 or more book with same title to a single borrower. It does not have the limit or attempt in logging in.

System Plan
Problem Description
The proponents are here to introduce to you the technology that we use in our propose study, the Visual Basic 6.0 (VB 6.0) is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming language that is simply to use. It is easy to understand, easy to manipulate. The Shepherd Grace School has a 2000 Books. They were using Manual System that is too hard to much physical work. They have so many data that were missing, misplaced and mixed to other files so that we introduced to them our proposed study. Processes of incoming supply of books.
The proposed study is the Computerized Library System that will make the work of the user easier. The benefits that they will got from our study is it will make the work fast, no missing or misplaced data, there was no much physical work. You have to do is sit and encode data. Anticipated Business Benefits * Easy to manipulate, the Computerized Library System has a simple interface that could easily understand. * Time saving, all the work could be finished fast. * Data is safely and easy to find, the Computerized Library System has a Database that stores all the data safely and secure. * Easily access to incoming supply of books.

System Capabilities * Can enter the record of new books and retrieve the details of books available in the library. * Can issue the books to the borrowers and maintain their records and can check how many books are issue and stock available in the library. * This system has a database which stores user details and books details. * Easy Update and Delete Facility. * Can search for available books. * This system can determine if a certain book is available. * Having data report of due date of book borrowed.
From the manual system they used to computerize one that will make borrowing, returning and securing the book easier.

Project Schedule Work Breakdown Schedule Phase, Activities and Tasks | Duration | No. of resources | 1.0 Project Planning Phase | | | 1.1 Planning Stage | | | 1.1.1 Write a recommendation letter | 1 | 1 | 1.1.2 Plan the interview | 10 | 3 | 1.1.3 Interview the school | 10 | 2 | 1.1.4 Enumerate all gathered information that result to answer | | 3 | 1.2 Analysis Stage | | | 1.2.1 Start analysing the problem | 7 | 3 | 1.2.2 Conduct researches and studies | 10 | 3 | 1.2.3 Seeking help to professionals | 10 | 2 | 1.2.4 Conducting interview for additional information | 3 | 3 | 1.3 Analysis Stage | | | 1.3.1 Readable proof all information in hand. | 6 | 4 | 1.3.2 Creating Database. | 4 | 6 | 1.3.3 Creating the interface of the system. | 3 | 5 | 1.3.4 Checking the created interface if the codes fits. | 5 | 5 | 1.3.5 Checking the interface if the user will easily understand | 3 | 5 | 2.0 Launching Project | | | 2.1 Implementation Stage | | | 2.1.1 Produce the codes to be used in constructing the program | 5 | 6 | 2.1.2 Test the codes, check for errors and bugs | 10 | 6 | 2.1.3 Intergrate the system into its environment | 10 | 6 | 2.1.4 Finalize the system | 10 | 2 | 2.2 Support Phase | | | 2.2.1 Conduct an operational review | 0 | 3 | 2.2.2 Institute processes and procedures for assured operations and continuous monitoring of the system | 0 | 3 | 2.2.3 Perform reauthorization as required | 0 | 2 |

Project Evaluation and Review Technique Activity | Predecessor Activities | Duration (days) | Planning | None | 5 | Database Design | A | 5 | Module Layout | A | 5 | Database Capture | B | 5 | Database Interface | B | 5 | Input Module | C | 3 | Output Module | C | 4 | GUI Structure | C | 4 | I/O Interface Implementation | E,F,G | 3 | Final Testing | D,H,I | 3 |

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J |

The time estimates managers provide for the various activities comprising a project involve different degrees of certainty. When time estimates can be made with a high degree of certainty, they are called deterministic estimates. When they are subject to variation, they are probabilistic estimates. In using the probabilistic approach, managers provide three estimates for each activity: an optimistic or best case estimate; a pessimistic or worst case estimate; and the most likely estimate. Statistical methods can be used to describe the extent of variably in these estimates, and thus the degree of uncertainty in the time provided for each activity. Computing the standard deviation of each path provides a probabilistic estimate required to complete the overall project.

Project Feasibility
Economic Feasibility
Development of this application is highly economically feasible .The organization needed not spend much one for the development of the system already available. The only thing is to be done is making an environment for the development with an effective supervision. If we are doing so, we can attain the maximum usability of the corresponding resources. Even after the development, the organization will not be in a condition to invest more in the organization.
Technological Feasibility We can strongly say that it is technically feasible, since there will not be much difficulty in getting required resources for the development and maintaining the system as well. All there sources needed for the development of the software as well as the maintenance of the same is available in the organization here we are utilizing the resources which are available already. Atleast
Hardware configuration
Processor: 1 Gigaherts (GHZ) or faster 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) RAM: 1Gigabyte (Gb) RAM (32 bit) or 2 GB RAM (64 bit) Hard Disk: 16 Gb available Hard disk (32 bit) or 20GB (64 bit) Monitor: 15 Color monitor Key Board: 122 Keys
Software configuration:
Operating System: Windows XP , Windows 7 Language: Java 2 Runtime Environment
Database : MS Access2003.

Operational Feasibility
The proposed Computerized Library System helps the faculty staff to input the records of the students who borrowed book and data of issued book in easiest way. The computerized library system can store data safely. The student member allow to view details of available book. It secure the records of every book and member. Only authorized personnel can login to issue and accept the return books.
Cultural/ Political/ Organizational Feasibility
System Programmer * A system programmer specialist who develop, test and implement software systems development, operating system, utility and services. A system programmer works on a very low level with computer systems and networks, often large clusters at an organization, and optimization of the use of the computers and networks at their organization.
Assistant Programmer * Assists in gathering data from various sources pertaining to new applications of computer software packages. * Assists in preparing proposals directed at improving one or more municipal computer operations. * Assists with activities directed at defining the nature and objective of the system. * Assists in collecting background information gathering knowledge of user operations and the goals of the user. * Assists in developing and maintaining effective working relationships with user departments.

Systems Analyst

* A system analyst researches problems plans solutions, recommends software and systems, and coordinates development to meet business or other requirements. They will be familiar with a variety of programming languages, operating systems, and computer hardware platforms. Because they often write user requests into technical specifications, the systems analysts are the liaisons between vendors and information technology professionals. They may be responsible for developing cost analysis, design considerations and implication timelines.


Information gathering Tools and Techniques
Answerable by yes or no 1. Are you familiar in computer software and hardware? [yes] [no] 2. Do you have any idea about installing and uninstalling program in a computer? [yes] [no] 3. Do you know how to operate a computer? [yes] [no] 4. Have you heard about Computerized Library System? [yes] [no] 5. Are you familiar to any Programming Language? [yes] [no] 6. Do you know how to create and save database? [yes] [no] 7. Would you agree that computerized library system will fasten a certain process? [yes] [no] 8. Do you agree in using manual library system? [yes] [no] 9. Do you know how to use computerized library system? [yes] [no] 10. Do you agree that computerized system is much easier than manual system? [yes] [no]

Interview guide
What is the process in the existing library system?

1. What are the step by step process done in the existing library system? 2. What are the requirements for borrowing book? 3. When is the time the book borrowed to be returned? 4. Who saves the records of books? 5. How much is the cost of the existing library system? 6. How many set of computers do you have? 7. What are the set of hardware used in library system? 8. How much is the fine if the book not returned in its due date? 9. When is the available time to borrowed book? 10. Who is responsible in evaluating the book borrowed?


HARDWARE REQUIREMENT Event | Trigger | Source | Use case | Response | Destination | Students wants to borrow book | Member information | Member | Create member information | Real time creating member information | Member DictionaryDatabase | Students wants to view available books | User account | Admin | Create user account | Real time creating user account/ viewing books | Login Dictionary Database | EVENT TABLE USER



Use case diagram

Use case description

Chapter IV

This project has been concerned with system development as an opportunity to reconceptualise work practices – to transcend the traditional ways of doing work by creating new relations between proponents, their computational tools and their tasks. Development has been seen as a cooperative effort between users, who know their practices and implicitly know what a new should do, and developers, who know the technological possibilities for the new systems but not what technologies are appropriate for the proponent practices. The problem for system development has been framed as a movement from a tacit and distributed understanding of existing practices toward a shared vision of what new practices should be.
The proponent strongly recommends the “Computerized Library System” be implemented. The proposed system, if implemented will be a great big help to those schools who are manual based library. Paper based records system must be converted to Computerized Library System, which will let them save precious time and effort.

Curriculum vital…...

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Inventory System

...Road,Pamplona Tres,Las Piñas City Title: Computerized Inventory System Subject: Software Engineering Author: Bautista,Jan Royette L. Calim,Michellle Lumbang,Matt Andrew Degree: 2nd year student Date Started: January 2016 Date completed: Objective of the Study The general objective of the study is to develop a computerized inventory system that will make the owners inventory system easier and comfortable for the benefits of the company. And to identify a minimum stock level to keep detailed records with a good inventory system. Scope and Limitation The Computerized Inventory System provides a good quality system that can organize the food inventory system easier than manual of the system. The Inventory keeper of the company can handle the security of their inventory using the system provides. The system we provided is limited because it only keeps or stores the inventory record. Easily deletes the data in the system. The other limitation is that an employee might enter data incorrectly, introducing inaccurate information that can compromise decision-making. Output of the study A computerized inventory system can manage the stocks of their inventory if it is low count or a big count of food supply. The system can be also use for keeping the previous data of the food inventory. Stores the food stocks and manage inadequate......

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System and Inventory

...their transactions and producing reports manually and have not manege to upgrade to a computerized system which will be a big improvement to their business operations like most successful business today. 1.2 Overview of the Current State of Technology 1.3 Project Rationale This Computerized Sales and Inventory System for (campany name)will improve their business transaction efficiency with its capability of securely compute, manage, save, back-up, restore and check critical inventory level all their business transaction information. Project Description 2.1 Problem Statement * To create a module that will always monitor the number of their products sold and stored * To create a module that will generate reports * To create a module that will maintain file in a safe storage * To create module that will store data accurately in a secure database 2.2 Proposed Research Project 2.2.1 General Problem * The company encounters problem on ordering of products. They are checking the stocks manually that can result to some confusion and inaccuracy 2.2.2 Specific Problem * The list of products information is only recorded in their logbook. 2.3 Proposed Research Project 2.3.1 General Objectives * To develop a Computerized Sales and Inventory System for (company name) 2.3.2 Specific Objectives * To provide a module that will handle inventory monitoring * To provide a module that will handle sales transactions and......

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Computerized Grading System

...CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Overview of the current system Computer world is now at our hands, this give improvement and development of all programs in the different agencies, in offices and in schools. Paper work become easy, computation is faster, record keeping and bringing out is fast. In schools, all works became easily fast to look at record, easily to reproduce student record. Since, computation of grades is one burden of the teachers, computerization made the answer in solving, in recording and computing students performances and achievement. The same is through in keeping records and forms incorporated in their work aside from guidance and advice. Computation of grades in school became easy for modern teacher but for tradition alone they found difficult but now no burden in recording, transmitting, giving the equivalent and the final grades for teachers who are computer literate, where time, effort and energy is minimized. This is the point of this study, to device a program in order to ease the computation of grades and ranking the students basing their subject’s performances. This is now the scenario and dilemma of Buenavista National High School. Now, with the technology which is to be developed, it will enable them to do more with less effort. The program will not continuously find way to improve and expedite the calculation of grades. The use of computer nowadays is necessary to replace the manual system that affects efficiency and effectiveness, accuracy and......

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