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Competing Sbu's

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Competing SBU’s
Bethella Sam Phillips
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Competing SBU’s Strategic business units are units made up of one or more products having a similar market base whose manager has total responsibility for integrating all functions into a strategy against an identifiable competitor (Jain & Haley, 2009). They are made up of items that are separate from other products in relation to their price, style, or competition. Founded on April 1, 1967 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple is one of the best examples of a strategic business unit. They develop and sell various electronic products and software such as the Mac computers, iPod, iPad, iPad Mini, iTunes, iOS software and the iPhone. Apples’ iPad is one of the most competitive strategic business units of all of Apple’s products. Its compact size is convenient yet full of a vast variety of functions that are the comparable to the MacBook Pro laptop. Apple’s products are some of the worlds most recognized technologically advanced and widely used mobile communicating devices on the market today; we will be comparing the iPad to the Mac Book Pro Plus with retina display, the iPad Mini and the iPhone. With its first release of the iPad in the spring of 2010, there have been several changes to the processor and operating system. An iPad performs similar to a computer by allowing users to browse the Internet, play online games, and check email. It also allows users to take pictures, shoot videos, play music, and more. The Apple iPad has a GPS function, built in Wi-Fi, and tons of free apps that can be downloaded at any given time. So far there is not one tablet that can outperform the iPad in regards to the price, features, and design.
The newest generations of iPad’s are now available with a cellular function and retina display. The iPad was even…...

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