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You are welcome to communicate with me through emails or drop by in my office during office hours. Since there are so many spams around the email system, please make sure that you put your course number in the subject heading (eg. COMP 150 AB2) and send it from your UFV email account. Otherwise, your email may be accidentally filtered/deleted. If I don’t respond in two days, please re-send the email or talk to me directly after class or during my office hours.
Course Description
This course is an introduction to structured computer programming. Students will study algorithms and top-down design, and will implement algorithms in a procedural programming language. Please refer to for further information.
NOTE: COMP 150 or 152 (respectively) cannot be taken for further credit.
B.C. Principles of Math 11 with a grade of C or better or MATH 085 with a C or better.
Competent in computer skills.
Course Text & Material
Schaums’ Outline: Programming with C++
John Hubbard
ISBN: 0-07-135346-1

C++ for Everyone
Cay Horstmann
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-92713-7

Note: You may need a flash drive if you want to keep your own copy and transfer files.

Other Course Resources
Q:\cis\Jon Quah\comp150
It is your responsibility to check the website often as files may be added or updated at any time.
Course Objectives/Outcomes
On completion of this course, the student will be able to: * design a structured solution to a problem by repeatedly breaking the problem into a sequence of simpler sub problems, * implement a structured design as a computer program, with separate functions corresponding to the sub problems of the design, * describe parameter-passing mechanisms for functions, and choose…...

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