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Communication Planning from Goals to Action

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This paper will provide description of the concept of Communication Planning and provide the details of the process of developing a communication plan from identifying the communication goals to the implementation of the strategies under the plan. Communication planning evolves at national level, where there are issues that need to be planned and implemented at this level and also at corporate level. This paper will provide details of communication planning at both levels. However more emphasis will be on communication planning at corporate level showing the steps involved from planning goals to implementation and evaluation.

The paper is divided into six parts, the introduction, Conceptual framework, communication planning at national level, communication planning for corporate organizations and the steps in communication planning from goals to action and lastly the conclusion.

At the end I will have provided an understanding of the concept of communication planning, provide the details of each of the process of developing a communication plan from goals to action and show the basic components of a communication plan. The description provided will show that communication planning is a vital process in implementation of the national or organizations Communication policy as one of the organizations strategic goals.


Two main concepts which are interconnected will be defined that include Communication Plan and communication Planning. In order to define communication planning, it is important to first define Communication Plan. Many scholars have defined communication plan, however all have arrived…...

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