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Communication Interactive Analysis

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Goal for the interaction: My goals for the interaction was to create and build a therapeutic relationship with the client. I hoped to use multiple communication techniques such as the use of open ended questions and general leads.
Description of the environment: The interaction first took place in the cafeteria of the home during breakfast. We were both seated at a table and there was plenty of background noise as there were multiple people eating and having conversations. Later on the interaction moved to the client’s room because it was quiet and there was almost no background noise. The client sat on the edge of here bed while I sat on a chair beside the bed.
Student’s Communication (including non-verbal) Students Thoughts and Feelings Client’s Communication (including non-verbal) Analysis of Interaction
“Hi, how are you, my names Justin I’m a nursing student from lakehead is it okay if I talk to you today?”

• I was seated next to the client leaning slightly forward and maintaining eye contact to let her know I was interested. At this point within the interaction I was slightly nervous because I had not been introduced to anyone the clients before while the rest of the students had. The client understood my purpose for being there which allowed me to act with more confidence. “Yes you can, it’s good to see more males getting into nursing”

• Client turned chair towards me to engage in conversation and ensure eye contact

During the orientation phase the client was very welcoming and inviting. The nurse-client relationship was beginning to develop. The environment where the interaction was taking place was also very welcoming and quite which meant that there would be little distractions. Therapeutic conversations typically take place within a social distance (Arnold & Boggs, 2011, p. 178). The table that the client…...

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