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Furthermore we watched the DVD and it shown example of bad communication and how it can be so devastating and affect the patients negatively if they don't get the enough information about their illness and treatment. The Nurses and Midwifery Council (2008) recommend is very essential that the nurses are able to give patients, information, advice and a guideline about what is going on. Furthermore if patients are given enough information it will empower them as it reduces their concerns about the illness.

We also discussed in small groups the definition of stereotype, prejudice discrimination and how they are connection between these words. Moreover in the group discussion we discussed how can easy lead to other, for instance, is very easy to certain group to be stereotype which can results poor care to their patients which leads be prejudice and then into discrimination. Therefore The Equality Act (2010) is law to protect people and is against the law to discriminate. access date on 5/2/13

I found watching the DVD beneficial as well touching. I felt that my self-awareness and communication skills already improved. It clearly highlights what patients really feel and want from the nurses. For example I have learnt that effective communication skills such as active listening, the right facial expressions and explaining what is going on will make massive differences to the patients as it creates a trust relationship between nurses and the patients. Similarly I am now aware how the way I communicate with patients and treating every patient as individual is equal important without being judgmental.

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Today's aims was to outline and explore essential human attributes required for working in partnership with individuals with the following learning outcomes define key terms including: kindness, sensitivity, compassion. As group we discussed the definition of kindness, sensitively and compassion. This session has increased my knowledge of how an essential the three components are in the healthcare setting. I discovered that these components can be presented and defined in many different ways and I put below lists of different example of compassion definition. From my point of view compassion is treating people with passion, selflessly, sympathy and being understandable and supportive in the time of needs. Dictionary definition: compassion is a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for the suffering or bad luck of others and a wish to help them.

Buddhist: The desire to act upon the suffering of others: an ethical behaviour involving patience and generosity with action. Nursing Theory: Nursing theorists suggest that what distinguishes compassion from related qualities such as sympathy, empathy and kindness and caring is the intention to act upon the suffering.

access date 5/2/13 at 14:30

Some argue that compassion is describes as harmony as it can unites as people during the period of suffering, difficulty and distress, unfortunately it cannot take away suffering but it prevents those who are suffering to feel lonely and uncared for. In nurse practice (Jormsri et al., 2005, pp. 583-590) suggests that it is very important to show the patients their suffering is recognised so in this case compassion is considered to be acknowledgement of suffering. Some argues that if compassion is part of acknowledgement of suffering shouldn't be in place in the care practice and the recently (2001) the Norwegian Council of Nurses added compassion in their code of ethics.

At the end of the session, I learnt that how important compassion to the patients. For example I had some illness problem early this year. During my treatment I feel the doctors and the nurses were very compassionate toward me. I felt well looked after and showed sympathy as they always ask me questions and made involved my care plan and we were making discussion together. The doctors gave me a range of options and explain clearly the risks each of one of them involves. I felt so cared for, acceptance and confidence towards them. It was remarkable experience.…...

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