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Overcoming Barriers
Task 4: Overcoming barriers to communication

The four key barriers to communication are process barriers, personal barriers, physical barriers, and semantic barriers. As an effective manager, I will have to overcome these barriers. The first barrier that I would have to overcome is the process barrier.

1). Process barriers: The process of communication involves a sender of information and a receiver of information. Communication can be defined as the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to another. There has to be a common understanding in the exchange of information. This is called the process of communication. The process of communication can break down. Every step of the communication process is necessary for effective and good communication . Any step that is blocked in the process can be a barrier. The way to overcome the process barrier is to make sure that all phases of the communication process are being used effectively from the sender to the encoder, from the encoder to the decoder, and from the decoder to the receiver. The language that is being spoken must be able to be understood. That is the bottom line in overcoming the process barriers to communication. Clarity, purpose, and proper planning are important to overcoming process barriers in communication. The end of this process is for the receiver to respond or react to the sender. This is called feedback. The kind of feedback that is given will be determined by how effective the communication was or was not.

2). Physical barriers: Any number of physical distractions can interfere with the effectiveness of communication, including a telephone call, drop-in visitors, distances between people, walls, and static on the radio. Interruptions such as telephone calls and drop-in visitors can be…...

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