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Collaboration Between Apns, Other Healthcare Professionals, and Agencies

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Collaboration between APNS, other Healthcare Professionals, and Agencies
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Collaboration between APNS, other Healthcare Professionals, and Agencies Cooperation, mutual working relationship and understanding between APNs (advanced practice nurses) other healthcare professionals and agencies is critical for the improvement of health (Edwards, 2009). Such collaborative working relationship promotes research, enhances patient education, increases general public awareness and promotes correct diagnoses and treatment. In this paper. Therefore, my interest is in this collaboration (Fairman et. al, 2011). I seek to find out the ways advanced practice nurses and other groups can collaborate to improve health status and service delivery. Health agencies and organizations include researchers, medical unions, patient advocacy organizations and other associations within the health industry (Freshwater, 2002). APNs are health professionals who emphasize self-care and wellness, manage their workload, and provide diagnosis and treatment of health disorders (Johns, 2000). APNs always focus on the impact of diseases and medications on the patient and the society as a whole. APNs are registered nurses with advanced credentials; they are also certified by the relevant certification bodies (Hoyt, Proehl & Jean, 2012). The common places where APNs work include schools, clinics, health centers, physician offices, hospices, and nursing homes. APNs also work in the business environment to promote the health of the employees’ (Johns, 2000). Far too often, APNs, health care agencies, and health professional do not work together. A consistent and combined effort is needed across the profession; the government cannot afford to health care professionals who ignore each other credentials. The first way through which health organizations and…...

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