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CLAIM AMENDMENTS: 1. (Currently Amended) An ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) system comprising: a working fluid pump; an evaporator, connected to the working fluid pump; a turbine, connected to the evaporator; a condenser, respectively connected to the turbine and the working fluid pump, located below sea surface, wherein the condenser comprises: a condenser main body, respectively connected to the turbine and the working fluid pump; and a deep sea water pipe, connected to the condenser main body and having a first inlet end and a first outlet end, wherein the deep sea water pipe is connected to the condenser main body via the first outlet end; a working fluid, flowing between the working fluid pump, the evaporator, the turbine, and the condenser under the driven of the working fluid pump; an outflow working fluid pipe, connected between the evaporator and the condenser; and an inflow working fluid pipe, connected between the turbine and the condenser, wherein a section of the inflow working fluid pipe locates in the outflow working fluid pipe.

2. (Original) The OTEC system according to claim 1, wherein the working fluid pump, the evaporator, and the turbine are located on a sea surface or on land.

3. (Original) The OTEC system according to claim 1, wherein the condenser main body is located between 50 meters and 100 meters below sea surface.

4. (Original) The OTEC system according to claim 3, wherein the condenser main body is located on a continental shelf or in a vertical shaft.

5. (Cancelled)

6. (Original) The OTEC system according to claim 1, further comprising a surface sea water pipe connected to the evaporator and having a second inlet end and a second outlet end, wherein the surface sea water pipe is connected to the evaporator via the second outlet end, and the second inlet end is located in the sea area.

7. (Currently Amended) The OTEC system according to claim 1, wherein the first inlet end is located between 700 meters and 1000 meters below the sea surface level.

8. (New) The OTEC system according to claim 1, wherein the inflow working fluid pipe is coaxial with the outflow working fluid pipe.…...

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