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Harmonized Curriculum for Civics & Ethics Common Course for Under Graduate Degree Program


August 2009 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Course Title: - Civics and Ethics Course Code: - CvEt 201 Credit Hours: - 3
Learning Outcomes A graduate from Ethiopian higher education institution who has taken this course:will be inquisitive, critical, analytic, integrative and morally balanced person. exhibits higher ethical standards like open-mindedness, rational thinking, evidenceoriented personality and problem solving skills with high professional spirit. tends to be more participatory in socio-economic and political endeavors will be practical, highly concerned, responsible and loyal to his/her nation Course Objectives At the end of this course, students will be • familiar with key concepts like civics, ethics and profession • equipped with basic knowledge, skills and attitude of socio-economic and political issues of their country • familiar with government institutions, policies, strategies and legal provisions of their country • able to analyze the dynamics of socio-economic and political transformations of their country • able to develop the knowledge of work habit; professional, environmental, development and public service ethics, and their repercussions • familiarized with foundations of democracy and good governance and tools of democratization process • able to assess the values of multi-culturalism and tolerance for mutual understandings and co-existence • able to gain an increased awareness of the opportunities and challenges of globalization

Course Outline
Chapter One: Civics and Ethics for Professionals

1.1. Conceptual frame work of Civics and Ethics 1.2. Civics, Ethics and Citizenship 1.3. Relations of Ethics, Civics and Profession 1.4. The development of civics, ethics and profession in Ethiopia 1.5. Examining major value challenges 1.6. Rights and…...

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