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Cultural Environment of China
Nowadays, the core of economic is move gradually from America to China. However, not many business people are familiar with Chinese culture, so study the cultural environment of China become the first mission. Business people will contact with Chinese business people and officials, so they have to understand Chinese culture deep enough. Below will list a few cultural facts in China.

Giving Gift Etiquette
"Unlike many countries, the giving of gifts does not carry any negative connotations when doing business in China."(2012) In, China exchanged gifts in a celebrations as a thanks for assistance. In addition, the business gifts should be always reciprocated. They will make a same value gift to reciprocate. Therefore, do not be an iron rooster for the gift given to Chinese business people.

"Roughly translated as 'good reputation', 'respect' or 'honour,' one must learn the subtleties of the concept and understand the possible impact it could have on your doing business in China."(2012)
There are some categories of the face situation.
"1) where one's face is lessened through their involvement in an action or deed and it being exposed. The loss of face is not the result of the action, but rather it's being made public knowledge. when face is given to others through compliments and respect.
3) face is developed through experience and age. When one shows wisdom in action by avoiding mistakes their face is increased.
4) where face is increased through the compliments of others made about you to a third party."(2012)

"When doing business in China it is possible to see how Confucianism affects business practices. Of the less subtle manifestations are an aversion to conflict, maintenance of proper demeanour and the preservation of 'face'."(2012)
Duty, respect and loyalty are the base of Chinese business culture, that are over 3000 years old in Chinese business.

Meeting and Greeting
"Doing business always involves meeting and greeting people. In China, meetings start with the shaking of hands and a slight nod of the head."(2012) When shaking hands should not be too vigorous, if not Chinese business people will think this is aggressive.
"Business cards are exchanged on an initial meeting."(2012) Use a nice case to save the business card is a respect that are very improtant.

All in all, expanding Tim Hortons into China should consider an other culture issue Chinese Tea culture. Chinese have a long tea culture, they may not very interest in drink coffee. In Canada Tim Hortons, there are tea sold there, but not the main part of the business. However, in China Tim Hortons tea will be the main product sold in China that fit Chinese tea culture.


Neil Payne.(2012) "Doing business in China"…...

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