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How to Change the Oil in Your Vehicle the Right way By:Edward Jones

In today's economy people are always looking for ways to save money, and one of the ways that you can save money is to change your own oil. In this article, I will tell you how to change your car oil yourself. Whether you change your oil because you drive a lot of short trips or because you travel to different cities or states, you can change your oil at home in just about the same time as a quickie- lube shop. Changing your own oil requires a few tools, and they are common tools so once you buy them they will generally last for years. Let us look at those tools now (pictures on separate page): * You’ll need an oil filter * You’ll also want the proper oil for your car – check the owner’s manual for the right weights and types * A funnel * A Oil Filter Wrench * A Basic socket set * Safety Glasses * Oil Catch Container

* Car Jack * A safe, secure set of blocks or wheel ramps so you can get beneath your car.

Once you have all the right tools ready, it’s time to begin. Step 1: Warm It Up

You will want to warm up the car by running it for about ten minutes, then shutting it off this will make the sludge will move out of the engine easier.

Step 2: Drain Oil

After the car is raised for easier access, and the parking brake is set for your own safety, you can remove the old oil. Place the container under the oil drain plug and loosen its bolt with your wrench, and remove the plug. Be careful to your body out of the way of the hot oil. It should take no more than ten minutes to drain the old oil completely.

Step 3: Screw the Oil Plug back in (Vital Step) It’s easier to forget this step than you think. Put the plug bolt back in the pan with your wrench.

Step 4:Remove Filter Remove the old oil filter and replace it with the new one. When changing your own oil, it is necessary to change the filter. The old filter is polluted from the old oil and it will contaminate your new oil. Most of the time the oil filter will be found under your car, it will be similar looking to the new filter that you have purchased and the only difference may be the color. When you remove your oil filter with the Oil filter wrench be careful that oil does not get on you, there will be a small amount of oil inside of the filter. Once removed, replace it with the new one.
It is a good idea to put a small amount of oil on your finger and put it on the seal of the new filter this will prime the seal to seal properly when you snug it down.

Step 5: Put new oil in your engine

Your vehicles instruction manual will tell you the required oil for your vehicle or google is a good help as well. Once found it will tell you the required amount also. Finally when you have put the recommended amount of oil into your car, you can start it and back off the car ramps. Make sure your car is sitting on a flat spot and turn the engine off. Check to make sure that the proper amount of oil is in your engine by measuring it between the Low and Full marks on the dipstick usually located on the top or side of your engine.

Now you are finally finished changing your own oil. As you can see changing your own oil is not difficult and it will leave you with the good feeling that you were able to do something for yourself, which saved you money. Doesn’t matter if you are a female or a male because anyone is capable.

Pictures of Tools…...

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