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Cause and Effect Advertising for Past 30 Years for Blood Donation

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Causes and Effects

The advertising for blood donations in the past 30 years has been very effective to the outcome of the drives. Advertising is a good thing because it lets the public know when, where, and why a blood drive is being held. Advertisements are done so they can entice people to voluntarily donate blood. The blood is used in millions of cases in which a person may need a blood transfusion for many different reasons. Mostly, advertisement is used to target a certain group or demographic who are potential donors.
To have regular donors and a plentiful supply of blood is the major cause of advertisement. There are natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina and super storm Sandy that came through and destroyed cities and town. Thousands of people were hurt in both that lost blood and needed a transfusion. As I found stated on “Keeping an adequate supply of blood on hand is a challenge on a daily basis. There are daily occurrences that constantly draw on supplies daily such as premature births, illness, traumatic accidents and research - just to name a few. Having an adequate supply of blood immediately after a major disaster is not likely. Many people will come together AFTER a disaster to donate. It takes days to process blood before it can be used, many victims of disaster often don’t have days to wait and their lives can be lost.” (, 2013). This is where good advertisement would have come in let the public know that there was a need for blood before something bad happens and not just because of the situations at hand.
The most common cause for advertising is to capture the interest of potential voluntary donors. Advertising shows and gives reason on why donating blood is important. The more an ad is shown, the more attention it will grab. The ad will have…...

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