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Case Study: the Wedding Part 2

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One of the most significant days in a person's life is her wedding day! To ensure that such a momentous event goes off without a hitch, appropriate planning is required. And when it comes to wedding planning, picking one's partner could very well be the easiest of all the planning decisions to make. Months will be spent prior to the wedding researching vendors, comparing products and prices, meeting with photographers, hotel managers, and many more wedding vendors to determine how to save costs on each wedding item (Hammond, 2007). "The absence of a clearly defined project plan consistently shows up as the major reason for project failures," (Gray & Lawson, 2005, p. 118). Without an implementation plan that outlines budgets, how important tasks should be organized, and what the contingencies are in the event that something goes awry, could result in what should be one of the happiest days of someone's life turning into a complete disaster. "The success of your whole day depends on your ability to organize, plan, and budget," (Hammond, 2007, para. 1).
The stakeholders in a wedding project are numerous. Naturally the bride and groom are the biggest stakeholders. But also included in this list of stakeholders will be the bride and groom's family, members of the wedding party (maid of honor, bridesmaid, best man, and groomsmen), wedding guests, wedding vendors (florist, musicians, caterer, cake maker, clothiers, venue directors), and the officiate. Further, a successful wedding requires the orchestration of many moving parts and the availability of many resources including people, skills, equipment, materials, and working capital.

Research shows that the average couple in Beirut, Lebanon will spend $20,940 on a typical wedding. This budget does not include cost for a honeymoon, engagement ring, bridal consultant, or wedding planner. A wedding budget is absolutely…...

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