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Case Study 28 - Suburban Health Center

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Case Study 28 – Suburban Health Center
RE: After studying the case, prepare a written disciplinary memo to Wilson detailing the issues that were observed, the deviations from the standard policies, necessary steps for correction with timeframes, and consequences for non-compliance. Copy the instructor (your superior, Graham) on the memo. Also, as a supplement to the memo and written to your superior only, prepare a brief report (2-3 paragraphs) on which style of leadership you would like to employ to correct the situation and use support from text and other management resources.

To: Betsy Graham Metro City Health Department Supervisor
As you know there has been significant stories regarding employee Dorothy Wilson and her unfavorable rapport she has at Suburban. The depth of the problem is much bigger than I even realized, such that I am asking you to take disciplinary action on behalf of Suburban Health Center by terminating RN Dorothy Wilson. This letter highlights the official written report of Dorothy Wilson’s job performance. This analysis was prepared from my own research that was conducted from 2 weeks of extensive review on Wilson’s job performance, employee relations, and the evaluation of her personal file.

CC: Dorothy Wilson Surburban Health Center and Staff RN
From: Metro City Health Department Supervisor(s)

This is in regards to the multiple issues of absenteeism, tardiness, careless work, and failure to follow rules/directions. The Metro City Health Department Supervisor(s) have found the following to be detrimental to the Suburban Health Center and Staff:
Upon Your Personal File Evaluation—
• Wilson has showed excessive tardiness which has delayed her attaining full employment.
• Wilson’s most recent performance report has been downgraded to “satisfactory” from her previous “excellent” ratings.
Upon Your Employee Relations—
• Lila Moran, a previous Suburban Health Center supervisor, stated the following: o “I confess I wasn’t able to handle Wilson, I was afraid of her and did not want to confront her…she can be intimidating. Certainly her ratings were inflated, but I only did so to avoid trouble. Ms. Wilson’s work—especially her reports—was often substandard. She often refused to do things, but the others covered for her in the office, so I let it go.”
• Suburban’s clerk Billie made the following comment when I asked why he did not take his lunch for Ms. Wilson would be available to cover the phones: o “Oh, no, Ms. Lawson! I’ll just wait for the others to get back. Wilson can’t handle them.”
• Wilson’s performance was continually unsatisfactory, and when approached by myself you stated: o “I often fail to get proper and adequate information because someone else has slipped up.”
• Wilson has shown hostile behavior towards direct staff, including myself, her superior.
• Dr. Morgan has recently left our office, which was detrimental due to his position as the staff doctor for a state-funded health project. Prior to his departure he had plead that Dorothy Wilson be fired.

Job Performance
• Wilson’s time sheets and written reports have reflected the following—sheets reflect consistently longer transportation and visit times than did those of the other staff nurses.
• Wilson’s reports were poorly organized and provided scant information to justify the time spent.
• Wilson’s reports did not reflect why she made the visit, what problems if any were noted, and what actions she planned to take to correct them. Rather, she gave a hazy narrative paragraph to show the visit was made.
• Wilsons consistently failed to leave word with anyone when she has left the office. Not only did she fail to sign out, but also she failed to even mention where she was going or when she would return.
• Wilson’s absenteeism has happened at peak workload times, when the entire staff was needed.
• Wilson consistently takes 2 hours for lunch on Fridays.
• Wilson’s performance was continually unsatisfactory upon my investigation.

In accordance with Suburban Health Center’ employee expectations and performance, Ms. Dorothy Wilson, your termination will be effective immediately.
A copy of this letter will be placed in your permanent personnel file in Human Resource Services. Please sign in the space provided below to acknowledge that you received a copy. ________________________________ Employee Date
________________________________ Supervisor Date

In addition Betsy, if you so choose to forward this letter to employee Dorothy Wilson, I suggest for the immediate hire of an individual who possesses a transactional style leadership. Suburban Health Center is in need of leadership that is based on the setting of clear objectives and goals for the followers; as well as the use of either just punishments or rewards in order to encourage compliance with these goals. Ms. Dorothy Wilson relays none of these traits; the repercussions, reflecting heavily on the Suburban Health Center and its’ employees. Thank you in advance for considering this proposal.

Helen Lawson…...

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