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Change Complexity
The nature of change and management of change
The core conditions of social entities such as enterprises, industries, national and regional economies, but also families and personal networks, are often characterized by “dynamics”, “turbulence”, “transformation "or “discontinuity”.
Change serves as an umbrella term for all these far-reaching, significant and sometimes dramatic transitions.
Change as patterned and predictable vs. change as complex and unpredictable
Some scholars assume change to be regular and stable with an identifiable cause-effect relationship. Such a view of change is adopted by physical sciences.
On other hand Change is thought to be dynamic and complex in nature. It functions as non-linear feedback system with no clearly identifiable and predictable cause and effect relationship (Harigopal, 2001).
Change and future events thus can neither be predicted nor be controlled with certainty as it continually evolves as a result of interactions between various factors. Such a view of change is adopted by social sciences
Change Complexity
Three formal features capture the essence of change: Complexity, Omnipresence, and Prominence
Change goes along with specific features of complexity that differentiate this species of complexity from complexity as a generic feature of management. The specific accumulation of complexity represents a major challenge to both targets and managers of change. The causes of complexity in change initiatives are obvious: the more wide-ranging, far-reaching and quickly implemented a change project, the more complex the work of leader in the change process. The overlapping of old and new rules is another cause of complexity for those involved and affected: within a transition period, old and new management principles, selection guidelines, salary system etc. overlap. This makes sticking to…...

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