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Career Plan Activity Interest and Competencies

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Careers: Past, Present, and Future Worksheet


Write a brief statement for each of the following questions:

* What past training have you received for any job that you have or have had?

I have acquired different computer software training such as Peachtree and Quicken. I have also learned Meditech software for procurement to electronically procedure purchase orders.

* What is your present job and why do you like or dislike it?

My present job is working as a Buyer II in the Supply Chain Department. I like to the diversity in job tasks that I do on a daily, so I am not doing the same thing all the time but it is consistent of doing those tasks on a daily basis. It is very challenging and I learn new tasks on a daily basis. Also, I like that there is room for advancement and they believe in the well-being of their employees and their families. The thing that I dislike at this particular time is we just underwent a consolidation of the Procurement department so we are still fine tuning all processes but it will be stable after we work through all issues that arise

* What degree are you working towards?

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and concentration in Project Management.

* Your degree is leading to what career that you desire and why that particular career?

Management/Director position in Supply Chain. This career is rewarding where I work to make sure that the hospitals serve their patients and provide the best care for their patients including the products that they use. It is not a boring job, challenging with a variety of tasks that is not always consistent.

* Do you feel that the assessments are in line with the type of career you have chosen to pursue? Explain fully.

Yes it is in line because I use a variety of the skills I have inquired while working in various jobs. Also because it…...

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