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Presentation College Windsor
Presentation College Windsor is looking to employ a dedicated and innovative Canteen Manager. A new canteen/café space is currently being planned to be opened at the beginning of 2012 and we require an individual that can operate effectively in the current space to the end of 2011, but provide input to design and equipment requirements to enable a more cafeteria/catering style of operation to be provided to the students and staff of the College.

General Duties It is the responsibility of the Canteen Manager to run the canteen efficiently and profitably within the guidelines of the College. The Canteen Manager has the delegated authority to manage the day-to-day operation of the College canteen, under the guidance of the Business Manager, using established routines, methods and procedures. The Manager must ensure that safe and appropriate practices are followed in relation to hygiene, health laws and regulations. The Canteen will operate each day that students are at College, or as agreed with College. The Canteen Manager must show a commitment to the success and well being of Presentation College Windsor, its students, staff and the community. Specific Duties Menu  Promote an interesting, varied, healthy and innovative menu for breakfast, recess and lunch, including café style food cooked on the premises.  Be available to provide some ad hoc catering for College functions including parent teacher interviews and special luncheons etc.

Food Handling and Hygiene  Be thoroughly aware of current Food Handling and Hygiene Laws.  Ensure the submission of a “Food Safety Program” with the (Local) Council  Environmental Health Department, and updating of such as required.  Ensure that all daily monitoring and records are maintained (as per Food Safety Program) for inspection purposes.  Keep abreast of current food handling requirements, attending appropriate training or Personal Development courses as required or recommended by the College or Law.  Work toward the ongoing improvement of service, facilities and Safe Food Handling.  Seek professional assistance if required.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills  Facilitate a happy, supportive and productive canteen environment, where canteen staff and or volunteers feel valued and welcome.  Relate in a warm and professional manner with students, staff and parents.  Liase effectively with: Principal, Business Manager, Local Council and suppliers. People Management  Ensure all staff, volunteers and visitors to the canteen are briefed on appropriate canteen procedures and guidelines.  Ensure a safe work environment and work practices are followed at all times.  Delegate tasks effectively.  Supervise staff in a warm and professional manner. Stock Control  Be responsible for the economical ordering and checking of stock deliveries, as per the delivery docket.  Ensure all incoming orders are monitored as per the Food Safety Program that stock is stored and rotated appropriately.  Undertake a stocktake of goods at designated intervals. Organisation Skills  Establish effective procedures for the canteen’s operation.  Maintain accurate and complete records.  Provide reports to the Business Manager as required. Finance  Ensure that the collection counting and receiving of monies is undertaken within established internal control guidelines.  Prepare monies for banking.  Liase closely with the College’s Business Manager.  Prepare invoices for payment. Observe internal controls relating to delivery/pick up of goods and signoff of invoices.

Reports to: Teams and Reports: Internal Liaisons: External liaisons: Conditions: Business Manager Canteen Staff, Volunteers Staff, Students Suppliers, Canteen Association Monday to Friday 7.30 to 2.30pm and other times when required…...

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