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Can a Nations Culture Drive Competitiveness

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Can a nations culture drive competitiveness?
Does cultural diversity enhance or hinder economic development?

The term “Organization culture” refers to the values and beliefs of an organization. The principles, ideologies as well as policies followed by an organization form its culture. It is the culture of the workplace which decides the way individuals interact with each other and behave. The employees must respect their organization’s culture for them to deliver their level best and enjoy their work.
McDonalds has a strong corporate culture and supportive about the global youth employment. In McDonalds every procedure has a very particular rules and regulations of how it should be carried out. It tries to provide best support to its employees. It is dedicated to provide the customers unique level of quality, cleanliness, value and service. They are in the believe that well trained team will serve the best by working together and , so they are committed with people and encourages team building and team work. McDonalds sets out all aspects of business with integrity and honesty. They believe in celebrating the achievement and are strived for new higher goals and its accomplishments. They are highly committed to customer's expectation and satisfaction. They are directed to convert awareness into action. The Goal of McDonalds is to have people within the organisation to work to better performance and living to reach their full potential. They have performance based rewards for the employees which provide a platform for the workers to deliver the best to the day to day activities. They believe in balance of work as higher burden of time and work pressure will deteriorate the performance of the employees. They have proper and specific roles and responsibly mentioned for each employees of the workforce.
To answer your question, I think the most important factors…...

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