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The Solution Ritz Carlton focuses of advancement and outstanding customer service was, to create customer driven service systems that would anticipate a guest's needs and preferences. While being capable of reacting instantly to correct any services, errors and satisfying any complaints of guest or customers. This was possible by creating two customer systems known as Encore and Covia. Customers are very essential especially within the tourism Industry likewise the employees, "we do not hire," The Ritz Carlton seek people that obtain the natural aptitude for the service business. Ritz Carlton is different from either competitors because Ritz Carlton focuses on location and style. Competitors focus on location and pride that determine success. Leadership and training assures that commitment to service values. The combination of leadership and highly standardized systems explains why they generate more revenue per available room than any other hotel. The ritz carlton should create on system.
First of all, the Encore system should be modified to include real-time updating of customers’ preferences and of potential problems the guests might have experimented during their stay. This should be standardized across all RC properties. Guest categorization should also be standardized and input into the system. This system should be available in a user-friendly way to any member of the RC staff in convenient locations. It should also include a common defect reporting module with the functionality to cross data between different locations. After all these processes are finished, the group’s two systems (Encore and COVIA) should be integrated to have a seamless database worldwide to help provide the same high-level experience to a guest regardless of his or her…...

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