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1. A co-worker is having an affair with a married colleague. Having an affair in the work place can cause a hostile environment. With the drama involved, the workers will be focusing more on hiding the affair rather than using their time efficiently. I would use the justice ethical approach because it's guided by respect for impartial standards of fairness and equity. They shouldn't be discriminated for their personal life but their personal life should not be involved with work.
2.You know that your teammate is using the company computer for E-bay transactions on company time. The issue is that the teammate is minimizing the production labor hours. I would use the individual ethical approach because it benefits the teammate which then benefits everyone. This is because the teammate will be more productive and improve their work ethics. If I used the moral-rights approach, the teammate would believe he has the right to do whatever he pleases at work.

3.Your former college roommate works for a competitor, and while you’re out one night, asks you what the deal is regarding marketing plans for a new product your company is releasing next month. There is an issue because the former roommate is taking advantage of their personal relationship. With this I'd use the moral-rights approach because it includes the right to the truth and the right of privacy. If I used the utilitarian approach, it would make the roommate assume that I will give them the information because its for the greater good of “everyone”.

4. You learn that your colleague is adding additional, leisure-related expenses onto his travel reimbursement requests. There is a problem with the colleague leisure-related expenses because it's taking away from the company and also the other employees. The colleague is stealing from the company which is extremely unethical. I would choose the…...

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