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Position Title: Shift Supervisor
Job Summary:
The shift supervisor is responsible for assisting the store manager in maintaining a positive environment, which provides fast, efficient, and friendly service ensuring a Total Quality Experience for both our customers and team members. Shift supervisors assist in training, customer service, product knowledge and education, encouraging safe work practices, and a demonstrated commitment to our Guiding Principles and House Rules. This position directly supervises the barista and lead barista positions and acts as the manager on duty in the absence of the store and/or assistant manager
Store Operations: * Maintains a clean, organized and stocked environment and when necessary assists in the distribution of product shipments. * Performs all POS duties, front and back of house functions including opening and closing procedures, coordinating with the Corporate Office as necessary. * Establishes effective and positive communication amongst all team members. * Assists store manager in maintaining proper coverage and team member schedules ensuring that the store maintains customer service standards and team members adhere to meal and break policy. * Ensures all cash handling procedures are upheld. Is accountable for store funds while running a shift. * Assists store manager and assistant manager in planning and executing all sales promotions effectively and efficiently. * Will provide guidance and actively set an example for team members, ensuring that all Standard Operating Procedures are maintained and followed. * Follows and directs team members to follow store policies, procedures and adhere to merchandising and cleanliness standards. * Promotes and practices safe work habits, reporting potential safety hazards, operational inconsistencies and team member incidents to the store manager.…...

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