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Group of Bankers – Gay, Liza and Tony

THE CASE: Bryn Mawr National Bank


Financial Advisor Consultant


Current 1982


How should Bryn Mawrfind a successful banking strategy in an era of increased competition?

II. STATEMENT OF THE OBJECTIVES To be able to choose the best strategy:
a) To increase the performance within the next two to five years
b) For assetexpansion and deposit growth


-the bank provides full range of services
- the bank utilizes a variety of media
- moderate success in asset expansion and deposit growth
-extensive coverage of deposits
-easily accessible location
-technical expertise of employees
-BOD’s are seasoned bankers and are highly competent Opportunities
-the area in which the bank serves is predominantly residential. Hence, they can expand services beyond the town and its adjoining area.
-Educational institution as additional target
-Ventures to other financial services products
-Probable partnership
-limited branches to serve customers
-high turnover rate for women (under clerical/teller)
-profit in some months was very low
-limited target market Threats
- competitive conditions in the banking industry
- merger/acquisition/closure of town and country banks to large
-employees turnover averaged 35% per year in the last three years




1 (Develop alliance) Grow by expansion/acquisition/partnership with other local banks
2 (Grow organically) Optimize allocation of capital
3 Improve efficiency and create added value for customers


1 -stronger ties
-partnership can create an avenue for innovative services
-capture value and recover…...

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