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GENCO pioneered the professional discipline of reverse logistics management. A critical component of this solution is our proprietary R-Log® reverse logistics software, which manages the reverse flow of products, information and cash from the point of receipt through final disposition. The most comprehensive and flexible reverse logistics software available; R-Log is used worldwide across multiple industry segments to streamline processing of store returns.
The R-Log reverse logistics system houses the business rules that define the appropriate product disposition method (return-to-stock, return-to-vendor, liquidation, disposal). These rules, which retailers and their vendors agree to, help automate manual processes to virtually eliminate human error, speed the flow of goods and, ultimately, support an average 20% reduction in returns processing costs.

1. If you know from your store what is the disposition code you can make the decision if it’s worth to liquidate, dispose, recycle, return to vendor 2. How about if we handle all the CVS returns from their facilities in north Smithfield, Woonsocket, 3. How can we get Cole Haan the real time information of the product as soon as we scan it, so they can make it available online to sell it right away or working with credit to get the info for credit and etc.? 4. How can we CVs scan 5. If we work on the CVS site we could handle the disposal, and we could separate the damages from the PW’s before comes o Taunton. 6. What are the opportunities and possibilities of CVs sending us their returns straight from their stores to us, at our facility we could have a WMS where we could decide what to do with the product. 7. If we have a system to scan the product at their stores and let you know if it should come to Inmar or CVS center, we would handle the Reverse logistics from the stores to the…...

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