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A killer whale at its center, Blackfish is the first documental since Grizzly Man to show the reality of these captivated animals. This documental was released July 18, 2013; directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, what she presents to us is just something that needs to be presented to all the people from the planet. She went to the park and met the chief zoological officer Andrews, he’s been in the park since 1986 and he explains “that while part of the goal is entertainment, SeaWorld's aim is to use the shows to educate and inspire visitors, as a way to help conserve the environment and support wildlife.” There are a lot of people that are making interview and giving their opinion for SeaWorld to close and one of theme is the 81-year-old primatologist Jane Goodall said “whales and dolphins should never be held in captivity, and that the entertainment company known for its orca shows should be shuttered.” This film exposed the misery endured by SeaWorld's trained orca and the dangers posed to trainers working with stressed-out carnivorous whales. But to continue with my argument let me explain to you what is the documental of Blackfish.

Movie Summary Report John Hargrove and Samantha Berg, a former SeaWorld trainer, tell why they decided to work with these animals, other trainers continue telling their story about how the decided to be a trainer for killer whales. They just fell in love with these creatures and they knew that was their future. To become a trainer of these or other sea animals they have to be in a good shape, be a professional swimmer, have personality, be prepare for all type of situation since you don’t know what could happened in the moment. To enter to the water with them the trainer have to trust the animal and the animal have to trust you, is like there are about to become your best friend. They can sense if the person is…...

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...Blackfish is a documentary that tells the story of Tilikum, a "notoriously aggressive" orca who has been linked to the deaths of three individuals while being kept in captivity. The film, told largely by five former SeaWorld trainers, uses highly emotional footage to portray Tilikum as an animal that has been negatively impacted by his life at SeaWorld. Blackfish is advertised as a documentary but, in reality, is little more than propaganda, and rather than providing impartial and balanced information, the film uses inaccurate and deceptive facts in a clear example of how bias is used in the media to portray a certain view to the audience. The film misrepresents the orca species as a whole by saying that "they're amazingly friendly and understanding and intuitively want to be your companion." This implies that killer whales are naturally amicable and respectful to humans. Blackfish shows footage of an orca interacting with a dog to justify this statement, but does not explain that the orca shown in that video was an abandoned juvenile named Luna who had been living in Nootka Sound for five years, where he was constantly exposed to human presence and activity. The interactions with Luna that are shown in the film are not an accurate representation of the average, well-adjusted, pod-dwelling orca. This footage is shown out of context and makes the false claim that killer whales, as a whole, are more wary of human presence and generally keep to themselves in natural......

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Killer Whales in their pods it could result in hyper aggression (Blackfish). Killer whales are meant to be free in the ocean swimming with their pods and families, not to be separated and used as show animals or research animals. Many people believe orcas should be in captivity for educational and scientific purposes, but to help better the killer whales they need their natural habitats. At the same time, being in captivity has caused these whales to actually look like killers, but that is not the case with these astounding creatures. Jack Hanna is a Wild Life Expert and board member for SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund says, “If we were to take killer whales out of captivity they would not survive being in the wild for more than two or three days at the most” (Anderson). Hanna also says if anyone was knowledgeable about whales, people would know that it is impossible to put a whale back into the wild after thirty years (Anderson). A SeaWorld trainer, Michael Scarpuzzi refutes about the documentary Blackfish. The articles says how many efforts that were done by SeaWorld were not recognized, and not one trainer spoke a bit about education (Scarpuzzi). Scarpuzzi says “Not one word about the thousands of ill, orphaned and injured animals rescued by SeaWorld or the millions of dollars we dedicated to supporting conservation and research” (Scarpuzzi). The solution is very simple we create sanctuaries for these animals. Blackfish is a documentary produced by Gabriela......

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...argued and scientifically proven that no human being has ever been killed by a killer whale, or orca, in the wild. On the other hand, there at least a dozen documented deaths due to killer whales throughout the world. The main reason this is said to be true is because killer whales, which can grow to be more than 30 feet long and weigh up to 6 tons, are not meant to be kept in tanks and modules that are 20 feet wide and 35 feet deep. These tight living confinements have been proven to cause certain psychoses in animals. (Allen & Flannery 2014) They are essentially giving up the whole ocean for a bathtub. Since Brancheau’s death in 2010, Tilikum has been kept out of the spotlight and has lived a very lonely life. The 2013 documentary, Blackfish, documents Tilikum’s journey since the day he was captured off the coast of Iceland in November of 1983 at around 2 years of age. Since that day, Tilikum has been responsible for three humans’ deaths. He was moved to Sea World in Orlando from San Diego to become their prize stud after a female trainer died after her foot slipped and she fell into the pool with Tilikum in 1991. In 1999, a man had stayed in the park after hours and took a swim with Tilikum. His naked body was found draped over Tilikum the next morning. Dawn’s death in 2010 brings Tilikum to a total of 3 deaths where he was involved. (Rose 2013) When first hearing about the tragic story of Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau, it is easy to assume that Tilikum acted......

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...and expects a high performance from staff members. Employees are put through rigorous training to unsure service delivery is of the highest standard. That being said, there is no evidence in the case to suggest that employees are motivated through incentives or a reward system. There does not seem to be well defined criteria against which, performance can be measured. 2.3.8 Director 3 Part B 3.1 External pressures 3.1.1 Environment and social responsibility Sea World is under immense pressure from animal activists due to keeping animals in captivity. Sea World announced its 2014 Quarter 1 earnings, reporting a 13 percent drop in visitor numbers , a notable dip in the wake of the controversy stirred by the documentary “Blackfish” and the park’s captive orcas. The company also reported that its revenue fell 11 percent year-over-year to $212.3 million (Cronlin, 2014). 3.1.2 Health and Safety It has been noted that no attacks on humans by Orcas in the wild; whereas dozens of people have been attached by orcas in captivity. External pressure has resulted in decreased trainer-orca contact which was previously a hugely popular draw card for customers. (National Geographic, 2013) 3.1.3 Negative Publicity from past employees Past employees are publically disclosing actual working conditions and practices which differ from claims by management. It is alleged that: * There is minimal on the job training ant that one does not need to be qualifies to......

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Industry Aanlysis - Theme Park Industry of Orcas being held in captivity in the well known park, SeaWorld. Through the widely talked about documentary, BlackFish, several hundreds of people had their eyes open to the dreadful truth of SeaWorld and it’s stars. As expressed through the film “[SeaWorld] is a multi-billion dollar corporation that makes its money through the exploitation of Orcas.”(Blackfish) and for this reason many of its customers have turned their back on SeaWorld. This particular controversy will not only be a major threat for SeaWorld but all theme parks that use animals for entertainment purposes. Even though SeaWorld has been known for years as the place to go and see a live show with such majestic creatures, it only takes one incident to change the precipitative of people. For SeaWorld it was the death of orca trainer, Dawn Brancheau, that lead to the creation of Blackfish. In the film it explicitly shows the depressing lives these beautiful creatures live through footages provided from years ago and some from today’s time. Through the wide success of the documentary, large non-profit organizations such as PETA have stepped in and given their two cents on the matter. The combination of well known organizations and the negative perspectives society has can cause for SeaWorld to take a major hit in addition “It will have a ripple effect to the whole industry.” (Blackfish) People see theme parks as a getaway from reality a time to sped with friends and family, not a time to worry if......

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...attraction to profit off of. Theme parks across the world force these animals to preform tricks for viewer’s amusement, all while living contained in an area the size of a large bathtub. While many parks provide the jobs that come with the experience to see these animals, the conditions in which these animals are kept is really disturbing. After watching the film Blackfish and seeing how brutally these animals are treated it really changes ones perspective of these “amusement” parks. However some parks do rescue sick and mistreated animals for rehabilitation only to release them once the treatment is finished, but ones like SeaWorld take advantage of these beautiful creatures. In the documentary Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite does an astounding job of portraying this evidence of the Orca whales being taken and abused within the “care” of SeaWorld. Her purpose for creating this film is to increase awareness of the captivity of the Orca whales and the effect it has on the whales and their trainers, also to inform the audience of how SeaWorld misleads the public about the captivity and care of the whales. Blackfish documents and exposes the treatment of Orca whales and their trainers as well as the secretive SeaWorld Corporation. Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s audience was mainly anyone who is concerned about this problem or just wanted to know more on what is really happening to the Orcas at SeaWorld. Her use of diction is how she targets her particular audience. She......

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...gorilla named Jabari tried to escape by jumping over the walls and moats of his enclosure, only to be fatally shot by police”(PETA). It was later investigated and concluded through a witness that Jabari was placed under extreme distress after being tormented by teenagers who threw large rocks directly at him for an extended period of time. The only ethical permit to allow the existence of zoos should be one that makes the well being of a species present and future a priority. Zoos have lost their purpose and direction. Instead of zeroing in on the needs of their animals, the executives who sit behind a desk and control the money are more focused on the financial and entertainment aspect the zoo has to offer. Just recently the documentary, Blackfish, caused uproar among society by exposing to the inhumane and unjust treatment of sea life at SeaWorld. This single documentary has created one of the largest movements SeaWorld has ever faced; SeaWorld’s corporation is facing the possible loss of every park and any strings attached as a result. Although the potential release of these creatures is great and many marine animals will be rightfully saved, society also needs to open their eyes to zoos as well. SeaWorld and state zoos are shockingly similar with the exception of one holding marine life and the other land mammals. Dr. Jason Watters, Vice President of Wellness and Animal Behavior for the San Francisco Zoo will argue that “Yes, we [San Francisco Zoo] work really hard......

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...captivity has proven detrimental to the health and safely of trainers. On Christmas Eve of 2009, Keto a male orca, killed whale trainer Alexis Martinez. Keto stood as a loan on SeaWorld to Loro Praque, in Spain. Only two months later, on February 24th, 2010, trainer Dawn Brancheau killed by a orca named Tilikum, a whale involve in two other human fatalities. ME reports show massive trauma in both fatalities. Neither of these deaths by accident. Keto killed Alexis by mechanical asphyxiation due to compression and crushing of the thoracic abdomen(Blackfish). ME official reports of dawns death avulsion of the scalp, fracture of the 7th cervical vertebra, fracture of the sternum, complete avulsion of the left upper extremity, dislocation of the left elbow, dislocation of the left knee, fracture of the proximal left humerus, fracture of the mandible, hemoperitoneum (500 mL), liver lacerations, softening of the underlying spinal canal, and more (Blackfish). Both are portrayed as accidental and drownings, despite the official reports on how brutal each death was..“Tilikum is not an evil animal – he is a highly intelligent, emotionally complex mammal. And we’ve made him psychotic," says ex-trainer Sam Berg (Boniface). In captivity, more than 70 incidents have been recored of a whale injuring someone. There are more than 100 documented attacks in captivity, but not a single human death has been recored in nature. Although popularly seen as one of the most deadly marine creatures,......

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...El efecto "Blackfish": ¿llegará el fin de los parques acuáticos? Jaime GonzálezBBC Mundo, Los Ángeles, @bbc_gonzalez 26 marzo 2014 Dawn Brancheau era una experimentada entrenadora de orcas cuando en febrero de 2010, frente a un numeroso grupo de espectadores, falleció durante un espectáculo en el parque acuático SeaWorld de Orlando, en Florida. Brancheau, de 40 años, murió después de que la orca Tilikum la agarrara en sus fauces y la arrastrara en repetidas ocasiones al fondo de la piscina en la que estaba realizando el show. Pese a que Tilikum -un macho de siete metros de longitud y 5.400 kilos de peso- ya había estado involucrado en la muerte de otras dos personas, en esa época seguía siendo una de las principales atracciones de SeaWorld. ¿Qué llevó al animal a matar a Brancheau? ¿Fue culpa de la entrenadora, como dieron a entender los responsables del parque en los días posteriores a su muerte? ¿Tuvieron algo que ver las condiciones en las que las orcas son mantenidas en cautividad o simplemente se trataba de un espécimen agresivo? Todas estas incógnitas fueron las que llevaron a la cineasta estadounidense Gabriela Cowperthwaite a embarcarse en la producción "Blackfish", un documental que desde que se estrenó a principios de 2013 en el Festival de Sundance ha desatado un encendido debate en Estados Unidos sobre la manera en las que las orcas viven el los parques acuáticos. El filme -que ha tenido una amplia repercusión después de que el canal CNN lo emitiera en......

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