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...or nondevelopmental items to satisfy the agency’s needs. • FAR Part 12 will not be used and a notice to perspective offerors that the Government does not intend to use Part 12 for the acquisition. b. According to the Commerciality Determination Report written for the BSVD program, the required biosensor is not readily available in the commercial marketplace. Analyze the report and identify four areas where either the market research does not adequately address the requirements of FAR Part 10 or the thoroughness of documentation is lacking to support its conclusions. (1 point for each identified area with supporting rationale - total of 4 points) • Commerciality Determination Report #6, bullet 1 states ….historical acquisition information was used (review of market research results for similar or identical supplies/services) in the determination… however; historical acquisition information was not provided or addressed in the report. Information was provided regarding the availability of similar items in the market that have been previously purchased. • Report 8 Para. 2 - The report states a portable biosensor has been developed but Lead Researcher, Yanbin Li, has confirmed the device cannot meet RFSAC’s needs. There is no supporting documentation or rationale provided explaining how the determination was derived or information on how the device does not meet our needs. The device was developed but is it in production......

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...strategy is to determine the objectives of management and set the goals of the technology system to go in that direction. The need for technological innovation is most pressing because it will improve the developments and changes needed in order to nurture innovation in medical technology that both progresses health and enhances value to healthcare systems in terms of effectiveness and production. Recommended Innovation for Community There is an interesting innovation that I would recommend that could improve the overall level of health care in my community which is the Symphony tCGM biosensor from Echo Therapeutics. This is an emerging technology that will replace the poking with a needle with a patch. The technology encompasses a handheld electric-toothbrush-like device that removes just enough top-layer skin cells to put the patient's blood chemistry within signal range of a patch-borne biosensor (MacRae, 2013). The sensor collects one reading per minute and sends the data wirelessly to a remote monitor, triggering audible alarms when levels go out of the patient's optimal range and tracking glucose levels over time (MacRae, 2013). If utilized efficiently, Symphony can aid in preventing hypo- and hyperglycemic attacks in patients and will advance patient results. The Symphony has productively and constantly monitored glucose levels in the intensive care unit at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Olimpio, 2012). It can accurately read......

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