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Beuty Contest Do They Serve Any Purpose to the Society?

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There are many different kinds of beauty contests these days. The contests are held for both men and women and range from infants to adults. But do beauty pageants really have any relation to any kind of social issue? Do beauty contest serve any purpose in the society or is it a mere form of entertainment? A long 5-6 hour of program with numerous rounds and questions that the world watches with extreme excitement. But what is the purpose of beauty pageants apart from being a platform for young girls to the career of modelling and acting. Do the contests have any relation to the society or is it just market gimmick? Beauty contests have been going on for ages and centuries now, but have these contests been of any good to the society?
The purpose of the survey was to understand common man’s view on the beauty contests held today. The questionnaire survey was taken from sample size of 50 people selected randomly, from varying age groups. During analysing the data collected various interesting facts came forward. People today have a mixed opinion about such contests held. Different individuals had a different take on the idea of beauty contests, there were mixed reactions received. The majority of population was of the students. Though the other population cannot be completely neglected, however majority assumptions of the survey could be made considering the ‘young minds’.
68% of the population were aware of the beauty contest held and 58% of the population considered the contests as the ‘fair’ contests. However, 55% of population did not believe the fact that value of women depends on the beauty and the contests bring only fame and money to the contestants. It can be seen that the majority do not consider beauty pageant contestants or winner as role models and hence, do not feel that the contests contribute much to the society.

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