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Definition of IMC:
Integrated Marketing Communications is often referred to as a strategic business process that is used to plan, develop, execute and evaluate co-ordinated brand communication programmes to various stakeholders (Belch & Belch, 2012). It is a simple concept which ensures that all forms of communications are linked together and is called IMC in many spheres. At the most basic level, IMC deals with integration of promotional tools to foster harmonious relationships. It is imperative that all of the promotional tools work together rather than in isolation for the sum is definitely greater than its parts. Integration levels are far-reaching and extend towards horizontal, vertical, external and data integration levels. The plan of IMC is to generate short term financial returns and to build long-term brand and shareholder value (Belch & Belch, 2012).
Benefits of IMC:
Although Integrated Marketing Communications require a lot of effort and time, the benefits that it delivers are immense. It can ensure that firm’s gain competitive advantage as well as boost sales thus increasing productivity. IMC facilitates communications surrounding customers and promotes efficiency in the buying process. Another positive that emanates from the IMC campaign is that loyal customers are built ensuring a competitive advantage against rival firms. Due to the fact that Integrated Marketing Communications create consistent messages, the uncertainty in the minds of the buyer seems to be alleviated. Basically, Integrated Marketing Communications provides customers with adequate information regarding their products and provides a unique opportunity to all stakeholders in sundry. However, the moment of truth of IMC is that the campaign leads to improved sale and as a result improves profit margins in the firm.
How IMC campaign…...

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